A door-able: Gaza police seize Banksy artwork bought for just $172
Police in Gaza have confiscated a bombed-out doorway bearing a Banksy artwork from a graffiti artist after its original owner complained he had been tricked...
Banksy bust-up: Palestinian man says he was ‘tricked’ into selling artwork
A 33-year-old Gaza man says he was duped into selling a valuable work by British graffiti artist Banksy for less than $200.
Street artist Banksy goes undercover to make Gaza ‘travel advert’
Banksy has released a video of a satirical travel advert for Gaza after travelling to the area undercover. The film, posted on the elusive artist’s...
Banksy ‘spy booth’ graffiti thrown into uncertainty after yobs deface artwork
Banksy fans were left distraught after waking up to discover the artist’s piece ‘Spy Booth’ has been vandalised overnight in Gloucestershire,...