Armfies? Selfpits? What do you call the latest craze that’s sweeping China?

First there was the selfie. Then, “petfies” for Man’s best friend. And lately, “armpit selfies” have been posted by women all over China. Proudly displaying their unshaven armpits, these “armpit selfies” (armfies? selfpits??) are taken by women from all parts of China and have been posted on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site. But…why? The “armpit selfies” are part of an online contest hosted by Weibo itself. Simply and brutally honest in its name, the “Girls not plucking armpit hair” contest encourages women in China to submit a picture of their unshaven armpits – face optional. Although there is absolutely no prize offered, hundreds of women have submitted their photos. While most submissions to the armfie/selfpit contest are what you’d expect to see at such a one, some women have entered amusing photos of their own hair poking through their sleeves. The contest is aimed at promoting a healthy body image and societal acceptance of body hair – something which most women today are taught to think of as taboo or disgusting. With this competition, Weibo hopes to push a new message – that body hair is okay.