Chinese millionaire gives lunch, cash and karaoke to New York’s homeless

A Chinese businessman who once tried to buy the New York Times treated several hundred homeless New Yorkers to a lunch of seared tuna and filet mignon at a swank Central Park restaurant on Wednesday. Chen Guangbiao, a recycling magnate, took out newspaper advertisements last week inviting “poor and destitute Americans” to lunch in the park. Several hundred people showed up and Chen entertained them by singing “We Are the World,” the 1985 charity hit song to fund African famine relief, and a ceremony in which Chen was presented with a certificate declaring him “the world’s greatest philanthropist.” During the lunch, Chen announced to applause and cheers he would hand out $300 to each of the guests.

"If you have a river (of wealth) you better know how to share it with other people. We are one big happy family in the world.

Chen Guangbiao

However, Business Insider reports that the lunch didn’t go off without a hitch. 300 people were invited, but only 200 people were allowed in. One of those left out called it “the worst fraud [he] has ever seen perpetrated against the homeless community.” An anti-Chinese Communist Party group also gathered outside the Loeb Boathouse restaurant, chanting slogans all day long while the homeless diners inside sat around dozens of round tables covered with white table cloths and set with china and fine cutlery.

I am handicapped and I have been waiting here for ten and a half hours. I have been chased by the police and treated with disrespect after we were promised a gourmet meal and $300. This is a publicity stunt.

Duwell, a homless man barred from the function, as quoted by Business Insider