Diamond in the…ruff? Wedding ring stuck in dog for five years

An American woman who lost her diamond wedding ring five years ago had given up all hope of finding it after searching high and low. It turns out her mischievous dog had it all along. Lois Matykowski, of Wisconsin, was eating an ice pop two weeks ago when she noticed her granddaughter’s treat was gone. Her dog, Tucker, was smacking his jaws. The snatched food soon came back up. Two days later, Tucker threw up again. When she went to clean up the mess, she found her missing ring.

Stick and all, everything came out. I look in the paper towel and here is my wedding ring. I kid you not. My wedding ring was in Tucker’s puke!

Lois Matykowski

Matykowski says friends of hers have even joked that they want a dog that throws up diamonds too. Tucker’s veterinarian thinks that the Popsicle stick could have dislodged the ring inside the canine and despite a story that seems amazing, with dogs, anything is possible. An x-ray of the family pet showed that he held no other hidden treasure.