Four killed as truck plunges 60ft off bridge into biker festival in park

Four people have been crushed to death after a truck plunged 60ft off a bridge into a crowded park below. The two men and two women were among a large crowd which had gathered for a motorcycle festival in a park below the Coronado bridge in San Diego. They were thought to have been on a stall selling T-shirts as the truck driver lost control, hit a guard rail and crashed to the ground beneath. At least eight other people were injured.

It was like a movie. It was like in slow motion. Where it hit, there was dust and debris and instant chaos and panic. People running crazy.

Chase Dameron

The truck landed among the crowd attending La Raza Run, a motorcycle ride that ends with a celebration at the park. Witness Dolores D'Angelo said: “I saw a car flying through the air, right off the bridge. It looked like – I couldn’t see anybody driving the car. It looked like as if Superman had thrown a car right off the bridge. It was just flying down.” The driver, Richard Sepolio, 25, was seriously injured and has been arrested on suspicion of drink-driving. He was stationed at a naval base in Coronado Island, across the bay from San Diego.

It’s horrible. It’s horrific. We had innocent people down here having a good time and now they’re gone

Police spokesman Jake Sanchez