Half-dog called Pig who walks like a gorilla is the newest online star

An “unusual” dog called Pig that has no neck and a body that appears to have been chopped in half has become an Internet sensation. More than 27,000 people have joined a fans’ group in honour of the strange-looking animal, who is quickly becoming one of Alabama’s biggest stars. Pig suffers from short spine syndrome and her bones are fused together. Her condition causes her to walk like a gorilla and she often loses her balance, toppling over like a toddler.

She’s missing several inches of her spine [and] her joints, her hips … none of them are in the right position.

Pig’s owner Kim Dillenbeck

But she is not letting her disability get her down and her adventures are chronicled on a Facebook page called Pig the Unusual Dog. Kim Dillenbeck, who adopted Pig after finding her in a forest, said her pet is “living life to the fullest.” Dr Rachael Hudson-Breland, the vet who treats Pig, said the eight-month-old mutt is given “rock star” treatment at her clinic. She said: “I don’t think Pig really knows she looks different.”

She runs around, she plays. The only thing with Pig is … she has respiratory issues, so when she’s running around, she gets a little more tired than most dogs.

Dr Rachael Hudson-Breland