#IllRideWithYou: Hashtag offers solidarity with Muslims after Sydney siege

Australians came out in solidarity with the Muslim community following a siege at a Sydney cafe, as tens of thousands tweeted the hashtag #illridewithyou to counter concern about an anti-Islam backlash. It became Twitter’s top trending hashtag worldwide overnight, as people united in a show of support for Australia’s Muslim community as the siege raised fears of reprisal attacks. Sydney resident Rachael Jacobs wrote on Facebook that she had seen a woman on the train remove her headscarf and offered to walk with her. That spurred a Twitter campaign in which users offered to travel on public transit with those in Islamic dress who felt insecure. Users were encouraged to supply details of their travel routes to ensure their online gestures were practical.

Hashtags are temporary, but knowledge is not temporary. Once you learn something, you won’t forget you had that experience, that conversation. And you don’t have to wait for national TV to call to get your message out.

Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian activist and a co-creator of #TakeOnHate told the Religion News Service