Iraq parliament delayed for five weeks, general killed near Baghdad

Citing the inability of political camps to reach “understanding and agreement” on nominations for the top three posts in government, the office of acting speaker Mehdi al-Hafidh said parliament would not meet again until Aug. 12. Putting off the work of reaching consensus for five weeks is a slap in the face to efforts by Iraq’s Shi’ite clergy, the United States, the United Nations and Iran, who have urged the swift formation of an inclusive government to hold the country together.

Things are moving faster than the politicians can make decisions.

a senior Shi’ite member of parliament

The United Nations said last week more than 2,400 Iraqis had been killed in June alone, making the month by far the deadliest since the height of sectarian warfare in 2007. Major General Negm Abdullah Ali, who was responsible for defending part of Baghdad, was killed just 10 miles northwest of the capital. Four policemen and three civilians were killed when a suicide bomber drove a minivan packed with explosives into a checkpoint in the mainly Shi’ite Kadhimiya district of northern Baghdad.