MH17: Dutch, Australians ready troops to secure crash site

Dutch and Australian authorities put their troops on standby for deployment to secure the rebel-held crash site of Malaysian flight MH17 in east Ukraine, where fighting between the army and separatists on Friday claimed over a dozen more lives. Australia is still working for an agreement with Ukraine to allow an international police force into the country to help secure the crash site. Australia sent 150 federal police and some defence personnel to Europe in preparation for deployment to the site.

We have many personnel on the ground already in Ukraine, they are working very hard in support of Operation Bring Them Home.

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott

The discovery of the wreckage and more bodies by investigators on Thursday highlighted an urgent need for the crash area to be thoroughly searched. The plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine last week killing 298 people including 38 Australian citizens and residents.

Others can get involved in the politics of Eastern Europe. Our sole concern is to claim our dead and bring them home.

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott