Nearly 400 evacuated from rail tunnel linking U.K. and France due to ‘power fault’

Hundreds of passengers have been evacuated from a broken-down train inside the Channel Tunnel, causing delays of up to four hours for other services. The Eurotunnel shuttle train, which was heading to France, came to a halt around 7.30am, 11 kilometres into the 48-kilometre long tunnel. It stopped after a problem with the overhead power line. Some 382 passengers and four dogs were taken off the train, and then transferred to the French terminal where they waited for it to be brought out of the tunnel so they could get their cars back.

Our passenger service is currently operating with some timetable disruption. This is due to an incident in the tunnel which is in the process of being resolved.


Services using the one unblocked passenger tunnel were able to continue. But Eurotunnel warned services were delayed, with hold-ups possibly lasting for the rest of the day. Eurostar said that if journeys were not essential, passengers would be able to exchange tickets, free of charge, to another available service within the next four months.