Rasher dashers: Hundreds of piglets take to the road after fleeing crash

Hundreds of piglets escaped from a truck after the vehicle hit a guardrail and overturned on a highway in Ohio. Authorities were filmed working to round up the animals after the crash on US Route 35 in Xenia Township, near Dayton. The driver of the truck apparently lost control of the vehicle before colliding with the guardrail. A passenger inside the truck was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

I don’t think we’ll ever get all of them, I really, really don’t. We’ll try as hard as we can… but we probably won’t retrieve all of them.

Xenia Township Fire Chief Dean Fox

Xenia Township Fire Chief Dean Fox told WLWT: “There’s quite a few pigs that got out and ran from the accident. They’re in the woods." The surviving piglets are being cared for at the Greene County Fairgrounds. They were being transported to Indiana from South Carolina when the accident took place.