Shock, defiance in Kenya after Shebab massacre 148 at university

Video has emerged of the massacre at a university campus in north-eastern Kenya in which 147 people were killed by Islamist extremists. It shows students running for their lives and hiding behind bushes as bullets whistle through the air. Four masked al Shabaab gunmen rampaged through Garissa University College at dawn on Thursday in the group’s deadliest attack in the country. They were eventually killed by security forces 13 hours later after a lengthy gun battle. The attackers, who were strapped with bombs and armed with AK-47s, singled out non-Muslim students and gunned them down without mercy, survivors said.

Kenya’s government will not be intimidated by the terrorists who have made killing innocent people a way to humiliate the government.

Kenya’s Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery

Survivors recounted how the masked gunmen taunted students before killing them at the campus near the Somali border. Police say the massacre may have been masterminded by Mohammed Mohamud and are offering a large reward for information leading to his capture. Also known by the names Dulyadin and Gamadhere, he was a teacher at an Islamic religious school, or madrassa, and claimed responsibility for a bus attack in Makka, Kenya, in November that killed 28 people.