The Interview ‘to be broadcast on YouTube on Christmas Day’

Controversial comedy The Interview will also be made available on YouTube on Christmas Day, according to reports in the US. CNN is reporting that YouTube and Sony Pictures are close to striking a deal that would see the movie, which depicts the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, be made available via the world’s largest video website. The deal would mean a historic, simultaneous release in both living rooms and cinemas, after hundreds of independent movie theatres confirmed yesterday that they would be hosting screenings on Christmas Day.

We are continuing our efforts to secure more platforms and more theatres so that this movie reaches the largest possible audience.

Sony Pictures execute Michael Lynton

Meanwhile, Pharrell Williams and the Eagles are among the artists leading a one billion dollar lawsuit against YouTube demanding the removal of their music videos. Irving Azoff, founder of new legal group Global Music Rights (GMR), represents up to 40 artists including Pharrell, John Lennon, Chris Cornell and Smokey Robinson, and has claimed that YouTube does not have the performance rights to thousands of songs by his clients. As a result lawyers are demanding the removal of around 20,000 videos from the streaming service.

They (YouTube) are the ones that have been least cooperative and the company our clients feel are the worst offenders. It’s also their attitude.

Irving Azoff, founder of GMR, tells Hollywood Reporter why they are targeting YouTube