Thirteen rescued two days after Indonesia tourist boat sinks

Eight foreigners and five Indonesians were rescued Monday two days after their tourist boat sank during a storm in the archipelago, having survived by huddling in a lifeboat or floating in their life jackets. The rescue brought to 23 the number of people saved since the vessel sank with a total of 25 people on board on Saturday as it headed from Lombok island to Komodo island. Two foreigners remain missing. Those rescued Monday were found in the early hours some 60 miles (100 kilometres) off the coast of Sumbawa island.

The search operation is continuing this morning, and involves the military and police.

Budiawan, head of the search and rescue agency on Lombok island

Indonesia relies heavily on boats to connect its more than 17,000 islands, but has a poor maritime safety record. Two vessels sank last month in different parts of the archipelago as millions travelled for the Muslim Eid holiday, leaving at least 36 people dead. But boat sinkings involving foreign tourists are rare, with accidents in Indonesia’s fast-growing aviation sector more of a danger for overseas visitors in recent years.