'We're a bit scared': Man calls police after he spots hedgehog in his garden

A man scared by a hedgehog in his garden and another left enraged by a vending machine feature in recordings of irresponsible emergency calls released by British police. Greater Manchester Police have issued the recordings in an effort to prevent inappropriate calls to the emergency number over the busy Christmas period. The caller frightened by the hedgehog can be heard being reassured by the call handler that the spiny mammals are good for gardens because they kill slugs.

We don’t want our slugs to get killed, we’re a bit scared.

Caller who wanted the police to his house because he saw a hedgehog

In a separate recording, a caller complains that a hospital is refusing to refund money he has put into a vending machine. “They’ve not given it me back at the hospital so I want you to come and sort it out,” he says. Two other recordings released by police involve a man unhappy because a sports shop will not give him a refund for his trainers, and another furious over the late delivery of his pizza.

The Christmas and New Year period is the busiest time of year for our staff and every year we appeal to the public to be responsible in their use of the emergency line.

Diane Grandidge, of Greater Manchester Police