'Wonder of the world': Chinese zoo unveils 'first' surviving panda triplets

A zoo in China has unveiled what are believed to be the first ever surviving panda triplets. Staff at the Chimelong Safari Park in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou described the triple birth as a miracle, given the panda’s extremely low reproductive rate. According to the China Conservation and Research Centre, giant panda Juxiao—whose name translates as smiling chrysanthemum—gave birth to three cubs on Tuesday, July 29.

The triplets can be described as a new wonder of the world.

Chimelong Safari Park

Staff said Juxiao was too exhausted to care for the cubs, who were moved to an incubator. They have now been returned to Juxiao and the family are being monitored by an expert team 24 hours a day. In a statement, an official from the safari park said that the three were said to be the only panda triplets that have ever survived.