Yo app: Gimmick or revolutionary potential

Many great technology companies started out looking hopelessly limited to their many naysayers. Amazon was “just a bookseller.” Facebook was … just a college facebook used to rate classmates’ looks. And Twitter? A glorified group-text tool.

When almost everyone immediately agrees that something is absurd—how can it possibly fail?

Michael Santoli, Yahoo Finance columnist

A Wall Street Journal tech columnist lays out a pretty compelling case that Yo is a clever and elegant communications protocol that he suggests could be bigger than Twitter one day. In this version, Yo’s key strength is as a means of accessing your smartphones notifications alerts—those messages that show up on the lock screen of your phone. This point of access means a user might soon be able to Yo a Web link, or users might subscribe to publications via Yo, or companies might use Yo to let you know a service is available right where you are. All this is possible via Yo without sharing a phone number and using standard text apps.