Trash talking: Viking neighbours lock horns in garbage price row
Norway and Sweden are locked in a war of words over dozens of lorries which cross the border each day carrying loads of precious cargo: rubbish.
Race is on to finish border fence as Hungary tries to slam the door on migrants
Hungary is rushing to complete a fence on its border ahead of new laws intended to stem the influx of migrants this week.
Rank outsider Jeremy Corbyn sweeps into UK’s Labour Party hot seat
Jeremy Corbyn has been elected the new leader of Britain’s Labour Party in one of the biggest political shocks of recent times.
Sweden summons Russian ambassador after NATO threat
Sweden’s foreign ministry on Friday summoned Russia’s ambassador after Moscow threatened retaliatory measures if the Scandinavian country joined...
Merkel’s critics grow louder as more refugees flood into Germany
German politicians from the left and right accused Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government on Friday of losing control of the refugee situation, before...
Hungary readies troops to halt migrants but Denmark lowers the drawbridge
Hungary’s army has begun preparing to guard the country’s southern border to try to stem a new influx of migrants.
Denmark blocks routes to Germany to halt refugee flow
Danish police closed a motorway and rail links with Germany on Wednesday in a bid to stem the flow of refugees heading north to Sweden, as Europe’s...
EU president Juncker demands ‘compulsory’ relocation of 160,000 refugees
A “bold and determined” plan to share tens of thousands of refugees among European nations has been unveiled by the President of the European...
More than 1,000 U.K children questioned by police over ‘sexting’ craze
Children as young as six have been questioned by police over “sexting”, according to new figures.
Hungary says Germany should call a halt to ‘open door’ migrant policy
Hungary’s Prime Minister is calling on Germany to state they will not accept any more of the refugees travelling through Europe. Viktor Orban...
Hungary rejects migrant quotas after Austria vows to close the floodgates
Hungary’s prime minister has rejected proposals to share responsibility for the migration crisis across all of the countries in the European Union. As...
Pope Francis calls for every parish to offer shelter as 8,000 migrants arrive
Pope Francis told his followers to open their arms to the thousands of migrants who were “fleeing death” from war or hunger on Sunday.
Hundreds more on the march as refugees stream into Austria and Germany
Austria and Germany threw open their borders to thousands of exhausted migrants on Saturday, bussed to the frontier by a right-wing Hungarian government...
Hundreds of migrants arrive in Germany after Hungary backs down
Hundreds of migrants have arrived in Munich, Germany, after they were allowed to leave Hungary and cross through Austria. They are among thousands...
Thousands of migrants taken by bus to Austria after Hungary backs down
Thousands of migrants and refugees have entered Austria from Hungary, with many believed to be on their way to Germany. Exhausted families, among...
Austria and Germany agree to receive refugees marching from Hungary
Austria and Germany have agreed to receive thousands of refugees due to arrive at the Hungarian border in the coming hours, Austria’s Chancellor...
Desperate but defiant, refugees make way across Hungary toward Austria
Hungary’s government will offer to transport thousands of migrants by bus to the Austrian border in the next few hours, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s...
Hatton Garden: Pensioners admit part in $15m robbery of ‘impenetrable’ vault
Four men have admitted their role in plotting the Hatton Garden heist, which saw valuables worth more than $15m stolen.
Migrant father paid €4,000 for boat trip … and watched his family drown one by one
The father of the three-year-old migrant whose body washed up on a Turkish beach paid €4,000 to a people smuggler to help his family flee to a better...
Family of drowned migrant boy was on boat after move to Canada was blocked
The family of a child whose body washed up on a Turkish beach had been trying to emigrate to Canada after fleeing their war-torn homeland, it emerged on...
Hundreds of migrants forced off train they thought was heading to a new life
Hundreds of migrants have been forced off a train taking them through Hungary as officials try to take them to a holding camp.
Family of drowned migrant boy were on boat after move to Canada was blocked
The family of a child whose body washed up on a Turkish beach had been trying to emigrate to Canada after fleeing their war-torn homeland, it emerged on...
Hundreds of migrants storm train to nowhere after police end two-day stand-off
Migrants trying to get to northern Europe have stormed a train at Budapest’s main railway station.
Photo of drowned toddler sparks fresh horror over Europe’s migrant crisis
Heart-rending pictures of a toddler’s lifeless body washed ashore on a Turkish beach sparked horror on Wednesday as the cost of Europe’s burgeoning...
Man arrested after 8 die in paris fire
French police arrested a man Wednesday after eight people, including two children, were killed in a fire in a Paris apartment building that investigators...
People die jumping from burning Paris apartment windows
Eight people, including two children, have been killed after a fire engulfed an apartment building in Paris. More than 100 firefighters battled to...
Police investigate whether fatal Paris apartment fire was deliberately lit
Eight people died in an apartment fire early Wednesday in Paris, officials said, and police were investigating whether the fire was started intentionally.
More than 300 arrested during two-day Notting Hill carnival in UK
More than 300 people were arrested during the two-day Notting Hill Carnival, which saw a police officer stabbed and another bitten in two separate incidents.
Drivers in 15-mile motorway jam as migrant checks are tightened at border
Drivers are facing 15-mile tailbacks after a crackdown on people smuggling on a Hungarian motorway leading to the Austrian border.
100 police injured as far-Right protesters hurl grenade outside parliament
Up to 100 police and members of the national guard were injured when a grenade was thrown at them as protests in Ukraine turned ugly on Monday.

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