Two suspected ISIS members held in Turkey over New Year attack plot
Turkish police have detained two people in Ankara suspected of plotting a New Year suicide attack, say reports.
Seized documents reveal ISIS’s aim to justify sex slavery
Islamic State theologians have issued an extremely detailed ruling on when “owners” of women enslaved by the extremist group can have sex with...
Seized documents reveal Islamic State’s Department of ‘War Spoils’
Islamic State has set up departments to handle “war spoils”, including slaves, and the exploitation of natural resources such as oil, creating...
Former top Chinese official commits suicide after landslide disaster
The head of an urban enforcement agency in the Chinese district where a huge landslide left scores of people missing has killed himself, authorities said...
Russian military: We have not hit civilian targets in Syria
The Russian military says it has not hit civilian targets in Syria since it first started its bombing campaign three months ago.
World’s fattest man Andres Moreno dies at 38 due to heart attack
The fattest man in the world, Andres Moreno, died of a heart attack in Mexico City, two months after he underwent a successful weight loss surgery.
Rowing solo: British adventurer back on land after record Pacific voyage
A British adventurer has become the first person to row solo and non-stop across the Pacific Ocean from mainland North America to mainland Australia.
Bushfires destroy more than 100 homes in Australian state of Victoria
Firefighters in Australia are struggling to control bushfires that have destroyed more than 100 homes in the state of Victoria. The fires, which have...
Bushfire destroys more than 100 homes but ‘worse may be yet to come’
Firefighters are struggling to control bushfires that have destroyed more than 100 homes in Australia.
Sri Lankan maid convicted of adultery is spared stoning to death sentence
A maid sentenced to death by stoning after being convicted of adultery in Saudi Arabia has won a reprieve.
Ho-ho-no: Brunei bans Christmas and warns bauble breach could mean jail
Christmas is just around the corner, but there are no tinsel-laden trees or Santa hats in the oil-rich sultanate of Brunei, where celebrations have been...
Afghan official: Taliban fighters have overrun key district in Helmand
Taliban gunmen have overrun a strategic district in the southern province of Helmand, delivering a serious blow to government forces, Afghan officials...
Youngest Delhi gang rapist is freed after three years despite protests
The youngest convict in the 2012 Delhi gang rape case has been released after three years in jail.
Russia says black box from jet Turkey shot down is damaged
Russia’s Defense Ministry on Friday publicly opened the black box of a warplane shot down by Turkey last month, a step it hopes will help confirm...
Trail of despair: 60m people flee their homes to escape war and persecution
The number of people forced to flee their homes is likely to have far surpassed a record 60 million this year, the United Nations said on Friday.
Mother Teresa to be made a saint after Pope approves second miracle
Mother Teresa will be made a saint next year after the Pope approved her second miracle.
U.S.-Cuba aviation deal allows 110 scheduled flights a day
The United States and Cuba have struck a deal to allow as many as 110 regular airline flights a day, allowing a surge of American travel to Cuba that could...
Tornado-like thunderstorm lashes Sydney with golf ball-sized hailstones
Australia’s biggest city Sydney was smashed by a tornado-like storm on Wednesday, with hailstones as big as golf balls and wind speeds of 200kph...
Australia’s Sydney lashed by tornado-like thunderstorm
Australia’s biggest city Sydney was smashed by a tornado-like storm on Wednesday, with hailstones as big as golf balls and wind speeds of 200kph...
725,000 people evacuated as typhoon Melor slams into Philippines
About 725,000 people fled their homes and communities braced for heavy rain and coastal floods of up to four metres (13ft) as Typhoon Melor slammed into...
World leaders scramble as ‘very difficult’ issues dog climate talks
World powers must still make tough decisions to agree on a global climate pact that will head off the threat of global warming, U.S.
Fern favourite: New Zealand chooses a new flag but looks set to keep the old one
New Zealanders have chosen a silver fern on a black-and-blue background as their preferred flag design if the South Pacific nation decides to dump the...
Dozens killed in Taliban attack on military base at Afghan airport
Dozens of people were killed and wounded in fighting after Taliban insurgents attacked the airport in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar.
Sri Lankan maid wins reprieve from death by stoning in Saudi
Saudi authorities have agreed to retry a Sri Lankan housemaid sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, her country’s deputy foreign minister said...
Syria accuses US-led coalition of killing regime troops
Syria expressed outrage on Monday after a suspected US-led coalition strike for the first time killed regime troops, but the coalition denied its warplanes...
Not dead yet: Taliban leader Mansoor ‘releases audio to prove he’s still alive’
Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansoor has released a rare audio recording in which he denies claims by an Afghan official that he was wounded in a shootout...
Obama describes US assault weapons loophole as ‘insane’
Barack Obama has described a loophole in America’s gun laws that allow a person on the no-fly list to buy an assault weapon as “insane”. The...
Three men arrested over presumed murder of Australian surfers in Mexico
Authorities in the Mexican state of Sinaloa say they have arrested three men over the presumed murder of two Australian surfers. They allegedly shot...
German parliament approves military action against ISIS in Syria
Germany’s lower house of parliament today approved plans to provide military assistance in the fight against Islamic State militants in Syria.
Putin says Turkey ‘will regret’ shooting down Russian bomber
Russian president Vladimir Putin today said Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian military jet was a war crime and that the Kremlin would punish Ankara...

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