Hong Kong police arrest democracy protestors after clash
Hong Kong police said on Thursday they had arrested a dozen pro-democracy protesters after a night of clashes in the first sizable rally since the last...
U.S. military says Jordan jet was not shot down by IS
The U.S. has dismissed claims that Islamic State fighters shot down a Jordanian warplane before capturing its pilot. IS supporters claimed the plane,...
Pope to address world’s woes in Christmas message
In his second “urbi et orbi” (to the city and the world) message, the popular Argentinian pontiff will address the globe’s 1.2 billion...
'Nut rage' airline exec faces arrest by South Korean prosecutors
South Korean prosecutors are seeking to arrest the former executive at Korean Air Lines who forced a flight to return over a bag of macadamia nuts and...
Violence after black teen shot dead by white police officer in St Louis
Violent protests broke out again in suburban St Louis after another fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer.
Islamic State shoots down coalition plane and takes pilot captive
A Jordanian pilot has been captured by Islamic State militants after his plane was downed during coalition air raids in Syria, the Jordanian army says.
U.S. Navy investigating soldier who claimed to have shot Bin Laden
The former U.S. Navy Seal who claims to be the soldier who fired the shots that killed Osama Bin Laden is being investigated for possibly leaking classified...
Satellite images show 290 heritage sites in Syria damaged by war: UN
Satellite imagery indicate that 290 cultural heritage sites in Syria, whose history stretches back to the dawn of civilization, have been damaged by its...
Jesus’ birthplace grapples with modern traffic challenges at Christmas
It’s Christmas season and the little town of Bethlehem is jammed with a big-city problem: Traffic snarling streets everywhere, including around the...
Farewell to arms: Global weapons treaty enters into force on Wednesday
A treaty laying down international rules for the global arms trade goes into force on Wednesday with campaigners vowing to make sure it is strictly implemented.
Sex slavery pushes Islamic State victims to suicide: Amnesty
Women and girls from Iraq’s Yazidi religious minority forced into sexual slavery by the Islamic State jihadist group have committed suicide or tried...
North Korea boycotts UN Security Council, suffers Internet outage
An angry North Korea, now on the defensive over a U.S. accusation of hacking, refused to take part in a groundbreaking UN Security Council meeting Monday...
Australian house where eight children murdered set to be demolished
The house where an Australian mother allegedly killed eight children, seven of them her own, is almost certain to be demolished in keeping with indigenous...
N. Korea threatens strikes on ‘whole U.S. mainland’ over hacking claims
U.S. President Barack Obama is “recklessly” spreading rumors of a Pyongyang-orchestrated cyberattack of Sony Pictures, North Korea says, as...
WikiLeaks publishes CIA tips for traveling spies
WikiLeaks released on Sunday two Central Intelligence Agency documents that offered tips to help spies maintain their cover while using false documents...
Islamic State connection probed in French police station attack
French police shot dead a knife-wielding man who attacked three officers in a police station while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”).
Yazidis cheer Kurds on Iraqi mountain for breaking Islamic State siege
Iraqi Kurdish fighters flashed victory signs as they swept across the northern side of Sinjar mountain on Saturday, two days after breaking through to...
Australian mother charged with murder of her seven children and niece
A 37-year old woman has been charged with murder in the deaths of seven of her children and her niece whose bodies were found inside her home Friday.
As 2014 closes, world still grasps for answers to year’s top news
More than nine months after searchers began scouring the seas for a Malaysia Airlines jetliner that vanished with 239 people aboard, the catastrophe defies...
United Nations: Israel should pay $850m for 2006 oil spill
The UN General Assembly has passed a resolution asking Israel to pay Lebanon more than $850m in damages for an oil spill caused by an Israeli air force...
U.S. asks China for help on #SonyHack as Obama vows to punish North Korea
The United States has sought help from China, Japan, South Korea and Russia in combating cyber attacks such as the recent hack by North Korea on Sony Pictures.
Mother arrested over killing of eight children in Australia
Mersane Warria, the 37-year-old mother of seven of the eight children found dead in a Cairns home yesterday, has been arrested for murder.
Israel bombs Gaza militant base after rocket hits southern Israel
Israeli aircraft bombed a Hamas militant base in the Gaza Strip on Friday for the first time since the end of a war in the territory, in response to a...
Turkish court issues arrest warrant for U.S.-based Erdogan rival, media reports
A Turkish court issued an arrest warrant on Friday for U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen whose followers are accused by President Tayyip Erdogan...
Sleeping with polar bears: French zoo offers up chance to spend the night
French tourists are opting for the luxury way to spend the night with a polar bear: Beside a log fire not far from home.
Three top Islamic State leaders killed in airstrikes: U.S. officials
Three of Islamic State’s top leaders have been killed in U.S.-led airstrikes against the militant group in Iraq, U.S.
As easy targets thin, Syria air strikes by U.S. allies plunge
As U.S. fighter jets pound Islamic State targets in Syria, Washington’s coalition allies appear increasingly absent from the air war.
Un nuevo dia: As U.S.-Cuba relations thaw, new markets could flourish
Trade between the United States and Cuba trade is poised to resume more than half a century after Cuban leader Fidel Castro came to power, following U.S.
54 Nigerian soldiers sentenced to death for not fighting Boko Haram
Nigeria has sentenced 54 soldiers to death for mutiny, assault, cowardice and refusing to fight Islamic extremists. The court-martial charges all were...
Massacred children buried as Pakistan warns of school buses bomb plot
Pakistani police have issued a warning that terrorists are planning to plant magnetic bombs on school buses.

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