Amazon takes curtain off 3D display Fire Phone

The new phone, called the Fire Phone, will ship July 25 and cost $199 on a two-year contract. It’s available for preorder now. The phone’s most visible feature is its 3D display, called Dynamic Perspective. The Fire Phone has four user-facing infrared cameras that it uses to gauge the location of your face and eyes. As you move in relation to the phone, the image shifts on the screen to give you the convincing illusion that the interface or object you’re viewing has depth and layers.

You have to be patient, you have to work at it and you have to obsess about the smallest of details.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

It’s got a 4.7-inch screen (the iPhone 5s is 4 inches), and the phone is made from aluminum, with rubber casing to make it easy to hold. For this phone project to work for consumers, it has to serve as a communications and apps device above anything else. For consumers, the commerce side of the device will be secondary. (Even if for Amazon the commerce is what will matter most.)

It goes back to the mission of Amazon, which is to sell you stuff. It reduces the number of steps it takes to buy things on the phone.

Ramon Llamas of the research firm IDC