Police issue child safety warning over Snapchat maps update
Police forces have raised child safety concerns about a new Snapchat feature that reveals users’ locations amid fears it could be used for stalking.
Putin blames U.S. as Microsoft warns ransomware cyber-attack is a wake-up call
Vladimir Putin has blamed the U.S. for the global cyber attack that has crippled computer systems around the world since Friday.
Twitter pushes back: Social media platform sues to stop unmasking of Trump critic
Twitter Inc. on Thursday sued the government over a demand by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol that it identify the individual or individuals behind...
World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee plans crackdown on fake news
The inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has unveiled plans to crackdown on fake news and “unethical” political advertising.
Google and Bing agree crackdown on pirate websites
Internet users will find it harder to search for illegally streamed live football matches and pirated music under a new crackdown on illegal websites.
Facebook ‘should verify content to prove to users articles aren’t fake news’ - UK politician says
Facebook should verify its content to prove to users articles are not fake news, the Culture, Media and Sport Committee chairman has told Sky News.
Messaging giant Snapchat to make UK main base outside US
Snap, the owner of Snapchat, has confirmed it will make the UK its main hub outside the US.
Folding paper bike helmet wins international James Dyson Award
A rain-resistant, folding, paper bicycle helmet has won the prestigious international James Dyson Award for clever inventions.
Sir Richard Branson unveils supersonic passenger jet faster than Concorde
Sir Richard Branson has unveiled a prototype for a supersonic passenger airliner which its designers claim will be able to fly passengers from London to...
Twitter is slashing 9% of its global workforce
Social media giant Twitter has announced a major shake-up of its business, and is cutting 9% of its global workforce.
Computers at the controls: Tesla to build self-driving technology into all its cars
Tesla will build self-driving technology into all the electric cars it makes so it can gather data on whether it is safer than having people in control.
My Luke Skywalker robotic hand lets me feel again for first time in ten years
A paralysed man has experienced the sense of touch in his hands for the first time in more than 10 years thanks to a mind-controlled robotic arm.
Samsung blames Note 7 woes as profit forecast slashed by $2.3bn
Crisis-hit Samsung has hacked $2.3bn from its third quarter profits forecast as it deals with the fall-out from scrapping its showpiece Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.
Supreme court grapples with Apple-Samsung iPhone patent feud
The Supreme Court raised serious doubts Tuesday about a $399 million lower-court judgment against smartphone maker Samsung for illegally copying parts...
The internet of no things: North Korea has 28 websites (and they’re pants)
A vast, sprawling network; a cauldron laden with information, opinion, chatter, pictures and videos.
Software unveiled to tackle online extremism, violence
A software tool unveiled Friday aims to help online firms quickly find and eliminate extremist content used to spread and incite violence and attacks. The...
Google apologises after April Fool gif gaffe gets Gmail users griping
Google has apologised and removed an April Fool’s Gmail button which sent a comical animated gif of a Minion dropping a mic.
Is iPhone love affair over?: Sales are in decline for the first time, suppliers hint
The world is falling out of love with the iPhone, it seems. Some of Apple’s main Asian suppliers say the tech giant is seeing a slump in sales.
He left her the house, the car but forgot the Apple password…
A widow who wanted to use her dead husband’s Apple account to play games on her iPad was told that she could not have the password without getting...
‘Fix your s***, man’: Snoop Dogg calls out Bill Gates over Xbox outage
An Xbox Live outage has left thousands of gamers frustrated - but one angry user decided to take his complaint straight to the top. Rapper Snoop Dogg...
Google’s driverless cars needed a human hand 13 times to prevent crashes
Google’s self-driving cars had 13 near-misses in which the vehicle would have crashed without intervention from their human test drivers. So...
Marshals raid company’s booth at exhibition in hoverboard patent dispute
Federal marshals have confiscated a hoverboard after raiding a company’s booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Vinyl revival: Sony rolls back the years with turntable that digitises your old LPs
It’s time to climb back into the attic and rescue that long-forgotten box of vinyl classics.
A picture tells a thousand characters: Twitter boss hints at longer tweets
Twitter users who struggle to stay inside the limits of their 140-character tweets could see that extended by thousands after the site’s co-founder...
Secretive electric car startup unveils Batmobile-style prototype
Electric car startup Faraday Future has unveiled its futuristic prototype vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
Girls, don’t date the nerd, be the nerd, urges Zuckerberg
Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has advised women not to date nerds if they want to be successful - but to be nerds.
Judge rules Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom can be extradited to the US
Colourful internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and three of his colleagues can be extradited to the US to face criminal copyright charges, a New Zealand judge...
Zuckerberg saddened as judge orders WhatsApp to be shut down for 48 hours
Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg says he is saddened after a court in Brazil ordered WhatsApp to be shut down for 48 hours.
Elon Musk: get a manned mission to Mars before World War III breaks out
Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of electric car company Tesla, is worried that a looming World War III could scupper his plans to build a human colony...
Turkey fines Twitter over failure to remove ‘terrorist propaganda’
Turkey’s communications regulator has imposed an unprecedented fine on Twitter for failing to remove content it said praised terror and incited...

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