Apple pulls iOS 8 update quickly due to flaws
Apple pulled its iOS 8.1 software update on Wednesday after some iPhone users reported it disrupted cell phone calls and blocked access to Touch ID, its...
Drone delivery: DHL ‘parcelcopter’ to start daily flights to German island
Deutsche Post DHL says it is starting Germany’s first drone package delivery service, a test program transporting medicine to a pharmacy on a North...
Samsung to launch new phone in China before Apple
Samsung Electronics Co. said Wednesday that its latest Galaxy Note 4 smartphone will go on sale in China and South Korea later this month, as its flagging...
Owners report iPhone 6 Plus is susceptible to bending under pressure
If you’re finding that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus too large to fit in your pants pocket, you may have lucked out.
Will Apple incorporate Beats Music into iTunes?
Apple has denied reports it plans to shut down Beats Music, four months after acquiring the streaming service for $3 billion.
PlayStation TV, gaming and streaming gadget set for launch
Sony’s PlayStation TV set-top box, which will allow users to access movies and TV episodes from the PlayStation store, is set to hit stores in the...
Study: Apple’s new iPhones score big in durability
Apple’s new and bigger iPhones are more durable than last year’s model and a leading Android phone, a study says.
In the crosshairs: Social networks gunning for extremist groups
Jihadists are in the cross-hairs of U.S. social networks who are battling to enforce policies banning gruesome videos showing beheadings or hateful scenes...
Virtually ready: Oculus unveils new prototype VR headset
Oculus has unveiled a new prototype of its virtual reality headset, but still isn’t ready to release a consumer edition.
More celebrity nude pics leaked; Kim Kardashian among victims
More nude celebrity photos, purportedly including reality star Kim Kardashian, have been released online in what appeared to be the second massive hacking-related...
He was first person in the world to get a new iPhone, but then swiftly dropped it
One of the first people in the world to get his hands on the new iPhone swiftly had his heart in his mouth… when he dropped it on the floor.
New traffic radar gun will help police catch you when texting behind the wheel
We’re all familiar with the radar guns that police use to catch and ticket speeding drivers.
Amazon launches two new Kindles - including a child-friendly version
Amazon, the online retail giant, has announced a complete relaunch of its tablet computer and e-reader devices, including a special child-friendly version...
#AchievementUnlocked: Number of websites explodes past a billion
The number of websites has burst above one billion and is growing apace, according to figures updated in real time Tuesday by online tracker Internet Live...
It’s now easier for NYC women to look for female taxi drivers
Sometimes a woman can be hard to find - if you’re looking for one behind the wheel of a taxi in New York City.
World’s first car made by 3D printer unveiled in Chicago
What’s being billed as the world’s first car made by a 3D printer was unveiled in Chicago last week.
Apple receives record 4m pre-orders for new iPhone 6 models in first 24 hours
Apple Inc said it received a record 4 million first-day pre-orders of its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, meaning many customers will have to wait until...
The new crisis of connected cameras: Pics or it didn’t happen
Right now, almost every major news story turns on a single set of unresolved ethical questions: What should we do about the new proliferation of cameras?...
Facebook takes on Snapchat by testing self-destructing messages
Facebook is testing a new feature that lets users post self-destructing messages that disappear after a set period of time.
Player power: Hi-tech soccer pitch harnesses action on field to power lights
Billed as Brazil’s first player-powered soccer pitch, a field inaugurated Wednesday in a Rio de Janeiro slum harnesses the kinetic energy of players’...
Apple’s iPhone 6 and Watch underwhelm fans and investors
The reaction online to Apple Inc’s unveiling of a watch and two larger iPhones was underwhelming, as Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook seeks to revive...
Apple unveils biggest changes to product line since 2010
The Apple Watch comes in two sizes in three different varieties, including Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Edition watch.
Social networks are key for Islamic State’s high-tech tug of war for hearts and minds
For months, a State Department office set up to counter Islamist extremism has been targeting Islamic State or IS, the militant group also known as ISIS...
Colombia’s 50-year war is now a video game
Colombians will soon be able to sit around a virtual negotiating table as Marxist FARC rebels or the government to thrash out an end to 50 years of war...
iHopes: Will Apple Inc reveal the next big thing this week?
Apple is poised to reveal its next big thing in a crucial attempt to prove its technological tastemakers still have the power to mesmerise the masses.
Getty Images fires lawsuit at Microsoft for ‘massive’ copyright infringement
Microsoft has pulled a new tool from its Bing service after being accused of “massive infringement” of copyrighted photographs.
NZ users’ rush to see leaked nude celeb pics breaks internet
New Zealanders keen to view hacked photos of naked celebrities are being blamed for a nationwide Internet meltdown involving the country’s main provider.
Watch out: What to expect from Apple on Tuesday
News that Australian designer Marc Newson (pictured above) has joined Apple is adding to buzz ahead of the company’s Tuesday launch event.
Motorola unveils new ‘classic timepiece’ 360 circular smartwatch
Motorola has announced its much-anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch, which will cost $250 and starts shipping Friday, hitting most markets by October.
Huawei unveils phone with sapphire glass days before iPhone 6 release
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd unveiled on Friday a slate of new devices meant to showcase the Chinese company’s hardware technology, just days before...

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