Those self-lacing Nikes from ‘Back to the Future’ are on the way
It is now 2015. And as any movie fan who has visited the local sneaker emporium recently knows, the self-lacing Nikes depicted in Back to the Future Part...
Voxx gadget aims to prevent infant deaths in sweltering cars
A new gadget aimed at preventing heat-related deaths of infants in parked cars is on show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
The Apple Watch may be just two months away
The Apple Watch may be coming to your local store sooner than you think. According to 9to5Mac, the highly anticipated wearable could arrive in the United...
Luxury line: Lamborghini unveils new smartphone with £3,950 pricetag
For those who feel their mobile phone does not turn enough heads, the new Tonino Lamborghini Mobile may be of interest.
Gluttons rejoice: A smart belt that loosens itself if you eat too much
A French Startup Company has come up with a belt that loosens itself up after the user has had too much to eat.
Hotly anticipated Apple Watch poses challenge for advertisers
Apple’s eagerly anticipated smartwatch poses a conundrum for advertisers: How to tap the enticing possibilities of the tiny gadget without overwhelming...
The wi-fi coffee machine that gives you a drink the second you wake up
British tech company Smarter has introduced what it claims to be the world’s first bean to cup Wi-Fi-enabled coffee machine.
Email and Internet remain top workplace tools, says Pew study
Americans see email and the Internet as the most important tools for productivity at work, and still prefer landlines over cellphones for the office, a...
China ‘deletes’ Gmail, shuts Google out of mainland
Gmail is currently unavailable in China. The outage is widely believed to be a result of the Chinese government attempting to curb the company’s growing...
Gamers, rejoice: Sony’s PlayStation back online after Christmas hack
Sony’s PlayStation reported that its network was back online and claimed that it had been attacked, three days after it and Microsoft’s Xbox...
Tesla’s new Roadster to cover two-thirds more miles per charge
U.S. electric car maker Tesla Motors will relaunch its Roadster model with a new battery pack that will increase the distance the car can travel on a single...
Facebook offers apology for ‘Year in Review’ app
The latest Facebook gimmick is a customized timeline labeled “Year In Review.” It’s a collection of your photos most “liked” by fellow Facebook...
Virus fears force Apple into sending out first ever auto Mac security update
Apple has sent out its first automatic security update for Mac computers as researchers warn about new bugs.
Google self-driving car prototype ready to try road
Google on Monday announced that the first completed prototype of its self-driving car is ready to be road tested.
Smart City: Jakarta taps into technology to monitor and act on public complaints
The Indonesian capital is home to about 10 million people and is famous for monster traffic jams, sanitation issues, and major flooding during the wet...
Uber limits ‘God View’ tool to improve rider privacy
Online taxi service Uber has limited employee access to its ‘God View,’ a real-time taxi monitoring tool, amid increasing privacy concerns.
Humanoid travels to Germany, becomes first robot to pay for flight
A humanoid robot with a head, hands and feet and wearing stylish red sneakers boarded a flight for Germany at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday,...
Dutch launch ‘intelligent bicycle’ that warns of danger
The Netherlands on Monday launched its first-ever “intelligent bicycle”, fitted with an array of electronic devices to help bring down the...
Drone downer: Will new FAA rules ground recreational fliers?
Americans shopping for remote-controlled airplanes or helicopters may find they come with unexpected accessories: a raft of new regulations.
'Simply unacceptable': Computer failure sparks travel chaos
Hundreds of flights to and from London were disrupted on Friday by a technical failure at England’s main air traffic control centre that a senior...
Zuckerberg: Facebook will add a ‘dislike’ button ‘only as a force for good’
Facebook is considering the possibility of adding a “dislike” button to its site, according to its CEO.
Will drones keep India’s women safe from rape?
The alarming rate of rapes in India – including one allegedly by an Uber cab driver that sparked much debate last week – has prompted an unprecedented...
Ralph Baer, ‘father of video games,’ dies
Ralph Baer, a video game pioneer who created both the precursor to “Pong” and the electronic memory game Simon and led the team that developed...
Sony’s PlayStation network hacked by ‘Lizard Squad’
Sony’s PlayStation online store appears to have been hacked - with a group calling itself Lizard Squad claiming responsibility.
Iran minister says all web surfers to be ‘identified’
Iran’s telecommunications minister has said his technicians are developing a system to identify any Internet user in the country at the moment of...
Sony hackers threaten employees’ families: ‘Make your company behave’
The latest turn in the Sony hack occurred on Friday as multiple employees of Sony Pictures received an email allegedly from the individual or group responsible...
Mickey and math? Disney launches education apps
Mickey is getting into math - and science, art, reading and even teaching social skills.
SoftBank to invest $250 million in southeast Asian taxi app firm GrabTaxi
Japanese telecoms firm SoftBank Corp has pumped in $250 million to become the top investor in Southeast Asian mobile taxi-booking application GrabTaxi...
Google kills CAPTCHA with new AI system
Google is now offering websites a tool that will let them deep-six the traditional CAPTCHA method and replace it with a box that just asks the user to...
Twitter unveils improved anti-troll tools to report harassment
Twitter has announced improvements to simplify the way users report abuse and harassment on the social media platform.

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