The man who created the first pop-up ad says ‘sorry’
Is there anything that’s more universally despised on the Internet than pop-up ads? Probably not but now The Atlantic has published an essay written...
Simple Simon: World’s first smartphone on display to mark 20th anniversary
At just 20 years of age it is undeniably a relic from another age, already long consigned to the past.
Berlin bans car service Uber over safety concerns
Berlin has banned car service Uber, which allows users to summon a ride on their mobile phones, for not offering drivers and vehicles licensed to carry...
Robo-cook: Android-run restaurant electrifies diners in China
A restaurant in China is electrifying customers by using more than a dozen robots to cook and deliver food.
Newly launched satellite has eagle eye on Earth
The most powerful commercial satellite ever made spent its first evening circling the Earth.
Apple bans use of two chemicals in iPhone assembly
Apple is banning the use of two potentially hazardous chemicals during the final assembly of iPhones and iPads as part of the company’s latest commitment...
Snowden: U.S. developed autonomous cyberwar tool, knocked Syria offline
In his latest revelation, former NSA contractor and whistlebower Edward Snowden tells WIRED magazine that the NSA has a secret, autonomous program called...
Samsung launches Galaxy Alpha to compete against new iPhone
The battle to dominate the smartphone market has taken another twist with Samsung unveiling a new smartphone just weeks before rival Apple is expected...
World’s fastest camera can capture chemical reactions in action
Japanese researchers have unveiled the world’s fastest camera that captures 4.4 trillion frames every second.
Google to invest in $300m trans-Pacific undersea cable venture
Internet giant Google and five Asian telecom firms will together invest about US$300 million to develop and operate a trans-Pacific submarine cable network...
Facebook receives a message from reviewers: We hate your new app
Facebook’s new app might just be one big error message. The social media giant announced in July that it would split the private messaging option off...
China’s Baidu told to clean up content after porn found on Cloud
Chinese search engine giant Baidu has been ordered to clean up its content after pornographic files were found on its online storage service, Xinhua news...
U.S. bots flagged Ebola nine days before outbreak announced
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is focusing a spotlight on an online tool run by experts in Boston that flagged a “mystery hemorrhagic fever”...
Hope in sight: Star Trek-style smart glasses for the blind ‘in shops by 2016’
Pairs of high-tech smart glasses, designed to help millions of blind and partially sighted people to see, could be in shops in 2016.
NSA poaches talent in Silicon Valley as Google elevates encryption
The National Security Agency is turning to Silicon Valley for topflight talent, but first it has to rebuild trust.
Skynet looming? Scientists create microchip that works like a human brain
Researchers Thursday unveiled a powerful new postage-stamp size chip delivering supercomputer performance using a process that mimics the human brain.
China imposes new restrictions on instant messaging tools
China will force real-name registrations on users of instant messaging tools and require public accounts wishing to publish or reprint political news to...
In monkey selfie saga, ownership laws go bananas
Guy walks into the jungle and has his camera swiped by a crested black macaque. The monkey, being a monkey, decides to have a little fun and takes a selfie.
So, are you going to be losing your job to a robot soon?
Is a robot going to steal your job from you in the near future? The truth is that even the experts can’t agree on an answer.
Report: Hackers in Russia stole more than 1 billion usernames and passwords
A Russian crime ring has accumulated over 1 billion Internet credentials, the New York Times is reporting.
iPhone 6 launch: Apple reportedly sets Sept. 9 for debut
Re/code’s John Paczkowski, who has an excellent track record when it comes to covering Apple and, specifically, reporting when Apple will host events...
Thousands join Austrian student’s privacy class action against Facebook
More than 17,000 people have signed up to join an Austrian law student’s class action against Facebook over the social media group’s alleged...
'Bomb Gaza' game pulled from Google Play store after backlash
A mobile phone app that invites players to drop bombs on Gaza from an Israeli military plane has been removed from Google Play following complaints.
Xiaomi rattles China’s smartphone race, outshines Samsung and moves to top spot
Xiaomi, a Chinese handset maker little known in the West, overtook tech giant Samsung Electronics Co.
An upcoming iPhone feature will completely transform how you use apps
Apple’s new operating system for mobile phones and tablets, iOS 8, is slated to release in the fall, and one of its features will transform how you...
Google alerts police after ‘spotting child porn’ in sex offender’s Gmail account
Google has used its automatic email scanning technology to tip off police about a 41-year-old man in Texas who was allegedly distributing explicit images...
Dear parents, video games are good for your kids (a little bit)
Children who play video games for up to an hour a day are happier, more sociable and less hyperactive than those who don’t play at all, research has...
Captains of industry explore space’s new frontiers as gov’t programs dwindle
Once the space race was led by the likes of the U.S. space agency NASA that put the first man on the moon in 1969.
Chinese Communist Party-backed tech giant Baidu enters the global stage
Chinese internet giant Baidu expanded its search empire to Brazil last week after it launched a Portugese-language search engine ‘Baidu Busca’.
Why the PC still matters
The PC is not dead, at least not yet, despite the rising popularity of tablets, “phablets” and smartphones - large and small.

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