Why the PC still matters

The PC is not dead, at least not yet, despite the rising popularity of tablets, “phablets” and smartphones - large and small. According to a July report from Gartner, the personal computing market will experience a “relative revival” this year. Of course, by “relative revival” Gartner means the PC market will continue to decline in 2014, just not as much as it did in 2013 (slowing 2.9% versus 9.5%, respectively.)

Lots of CEOs talk about, ‘Hey, I run the whole company on my smartphone.’ It’s because they don’t actually have to do any work.

Henry Blodget, Yahoo Finance contributor

The smartphone may be fine for a CEO who is delegating work, but someone who is creating and using spreadsheets or typing and emailing all day still, for now, needs a computer. The real revival may happen in 2015; that’s when Gartner sees PC sales actually increasing again – jumping 5.3%.

This is far from a revival.

Henry Blodget