Pope Francis

Pope holds up Korean martyrs as models for church
About 800,000 people attended a Seoul Mass led by Pope Francis on Saturday, the Vatican says.
Pope’s South Korea trips gives rare opportunity to reach out to China
On his way to South Korea, Pope Francis will get a rare opportunity to directly address China’s leadership as he flies over the country, whose communist...
Pope Francis: One in 50 clergy are involved in paedophilia
Pope Francis has condemned child sex abuse as a “leprosy” and believes that one in 50 people in the church is involved in paedophilia.
Taking Sundays off is good business, says Pope Francis
Pope Francis says abandoning the traditionally Christian practice of not working on Sundays isn’t a good change in society.
Pope leads long Vatican Mass after health setbacks
Looking tired but relaxed, Pope Francis has led his first major public ceremony after a spate of cancelled appointments due to health problems.
Just say yes: anti-drug message from Pope Francis
Pope Francis has described drug addiction as an evil for which there can be no yielding or compromise.
Politics left behind as Middle East rivals meet for prayer at Vatican
The Vatican has played down any expectations that the Sunday evening meeting between Shimon Peres and Mahmoud Abbas – billed as a “pause from politics”...

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