Odd News

Swearing makes you stronger and increases stamina, study finds
Muscle strength and stamina can be improved by swearing, a study has suggested. Turning the air blue may help a cyclist struggling up a hill to summon...
Trudeau vs Perry: Friends actor passes on Canadian PM’s request for a rematch
Justin Trudeau has challenged Matthew Perry to a rematch after the Friends actor recently revealed he beat the Canadian Prime Minister up during school...
Bright pink water comes out of taps in Canadian town of Onoway
Residents of a Canadian town have been shocked to find bright pink water coming out of their taps.
Sales of George Orwell’s 1984 soar after Donald Trump adviser puts forward ‘alternative facts’
Sales of George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 have soared since Donald Trump’s adviser coined the phrase “alternative facts”.
Fangs a lot! Australian zoo needs spiders to be caught so they can be milked
An Australian zoo has asked “responsible adults” to collect funnel-web spiders so it can milk them in its antivenom programme.
Donald Trump praises wrong Ivanka in mistaken Twitter shout-out
The U.S. president-elect Donald Trump wanted to praise his daughter on Twitter — instead he has accidentally sent his message to another Ivanka.
Star Wars inspires name for new gibbon species found in China
A new species of gibbon found in the remote forests of China has been named after one of Star Wars’ most famous characters.
Vandalised Hollywood sign briefly reads ‘HOLLYWeeD’
No, Los Angeles residents, it wasn’t your hangovers playing tricks on you.
Prisoners burrow out of jail by removing toilet
A manhunt is under way after six prisoners escaped from a US jail by removing a toilet and crawling though a hole behind it.
Stunning waterfalls on Uluru after freak storm hits the Australian rock
A freak storm has turned one of Australia’s most famous and driest attractions into a series of spectacular waterfalls.
Santa bank robber hands out candy canes before demanding money
A bank robber disguised himself as Santa Claus, handing staff candy canes and wishing them a merry Christmas before demanding cash.
Iceland v Iceland: Retailer seeks thaw over name dispute
Supermarket Iceland is sending a “high-level delegation” to Reykjavik as it seeks to thaw relations with the Nordic nation amid a dispute over...
My dad is soooooo boring: How Obama was trolled by daughter on Snapchat
All parents are entitled to respect from their children, right? Especially if you are kind of leader of the free world? Not so Barack Obama, who was trolled...
‘Incredibly aggressive’ seal attacks surfer at Sydney beach
A surfer has undergone surgery after being attacked by a seal, which also knocked another man off his surfboard.
Diver cheats death as hungry great white crashes inside his shark cage
A diver came face to face with a great white shark when the predator thrashed its way into a cage while he was still inside.
It’s all trout war: Anglers urged to bait up after 80,000 farm fish escape to sea
Anglers are in for the fishing trip of their lives after being asked to help catch 80,000 rainbow trout which escaped into the open sea.
Enough already! Even Ronald McDonald has had it with creepy clowns
The “Killer Clown” craze has spread to Britain, where police fear it will spike in the run-up to Halloween, and true clowns are beginning to...
Giant poster of Putin hung from Manhattan bridge … but no one knows why
A giant banner with a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the word “Peacemaker” has been unfurled from a New York City landmark.
YouTube fail: Advertising blunder boy, 12, runs up €100,000 bill with Google
A boy of 12 mistakenly ran up a €100,000 bill with Google thinking he was earning money through an advertising account.
Making a point: Vegetarian devotees go through the pain barrier in show of faith
Swords, axe handles, kebab skewers and even a model boat were among the bizarre array of objects pushed through devotees’ cheeks as Thailand’s...
Officer’s ‘Sorry I tased you’ cake fails to win over woman shot with stun gun
It was meant to keep her sweet. But a cake allegedly baked by a police officer as an apology for firing his stun gun could be the vital slice of evidence...
Workman bitten on the penis by venomous spider… for the second time in months
A workman was nursing more than his wounded pride after being bitten by a spider for the second time on exactly the same embarrassing spot.
I’ll meat you at the party: Zoo throws wedding reception for lions
Zoo keepers have thrown two lions a wedding party complete with a heart-shaped meat cake in the hope of drawing much-needed visitors and encouraging the...
Girl took knife to school because she feared being attacked by clowns
A girl took a knife into school because she needed it to fend off attacks by clowns.
Writer dashes into blazing apartment to rescue laptop with two novels on it
It might be time for writer Gideon Hodge to learn a little bit about the Cloud. Because, if he had used it to store copies of his two completed novels,...
Couple rescued from desert island after SOS spotted in sand
A middle-aged couple has been rescued from an uninhabited Micronesia island where they had been stranded for a week after scrawling a huge “SOS”...
Going under the knife: Surgeons remove 40 blades from policeman’s stomach
A policeman has had 40 knives removed from his stomach after he developed a taste for swallowing them.
Police officers stage hoax traffic stop to help driver propose to his girlfriend
New York City police officers staged a phony traffic stop so the supposed suspect could propose to his girlfriend.
It’s under your S-S-S-SUV: 8ft boa constrictor freed after slithering beneath car
A snake expert has rescued an 8ft boa constrictor from beneath an SUV parked outside a medical centre in Pennsylvania.
Man gives jail cell 3 out of 5 stars in a TripAdvisor-style review
On your next trip to jail, be sure to check out the reviews. A man who was being held by the West Midlands Police in Birmingham, England, recounted his...

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