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British grandfather facing 350 lashes in Saudi Arabia to be released
The British grandfather who was facing 350 lashes in Saudi Arabia will be released within a week, the Foreign Secretary has said. Karl Andree was...
Outback outlaws: Father and son snared by police after 8 years on the run
Father-and-son Outback outlaws Gino and Mark Stocco have finally been caught by police after spending eight years on the run.
Canada capsize tragedy: ‘Passengers on one side affected boat’s stability’
Most of the people on board a whale-spotting boat which capsized in Canada killing five Britons had been standing on one side of the top deck affecting...
Blatter: Agreement to give Russia 2018 World Cup before vote took place
Sepp Blatter says there was an agreement for the 2018 World Cup to go to Russia - even before the vote took place.
Bitcoin exchange CEO spent embezzled funds on prostitutes
The head of collapsed Bitcoin exchange MtGox is facing fresh embezzlement charges, with allegations arising that he spent stolen funds on prostitutes.
Boldly going: Scientists create Star Trek-style ‘tractor beam’
British scientists have developed technology for the world’s first sonic Star Trek-style 'tractor beam’.
Here’s to the next billion: Zuckerberg takes connectivity message to India
Facebook chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday he believes India will be crucial to getting “the next billion online”...
VW slumps to first quarterly loss in at least 15 years
Volkswagen has posted its first quarterly loss in at least 15 years, slammed by costs related to its rigging of diesel emissions tests.
Parents stunt disabled daughter’s growth ‘to improve her quality of life’
The parents of a severely disabled girl have taken the radical step to stop their daughter growing in an attempt to improve her life.
Family affair: Father-and-son Outback outlaws snared by police after 8yrs on run
Father-and-son Outback outlaws Gino and Mark Stocco have finally been caught by police after spending eight years on the run.
20,000 people ‘robbed’ of better chance of survival after late cancer diagnosis
A diagnosis lottery means cancer patients in some parts of the country have a much better chance of surviving than others, according to a new report.
Apple booms but is Twitter bust? $11bn profit for Cook as Dorsey in doldrums
Apple has reported a 30% rise in quarterly profits to $11.1bn (£7.3bn), with the sale of 48 million iPhones being credited.
Cameron to issue another stark warning on risks of leaving Europe
David Cameron is to travel to Iceland rejecting calls from eurosceptics to use the country’s detached relationship with the EU as a model for the...
Gulf coral damage from BP oil spill ‘worse than first thought’
Gulf coral damage from the massive BP oil spill is more extensive than previously thought, according to a new study that revealed sick and dying corals...
Angry China shadows US warship near man-made islands
China rebuked Washington for sending a U.S. guided-missile destroyer close to one of Beijing’s man-made islands in the disputed South China Sea,...
Half tonne of caviar found by Russian police hidden in coffin in speeding hearse
Russian police who stopped a hearse speeding towards the Chinese border were surprised to discover it was laden with half a tonne of caviar.
Parents of first Russian soldier to die in Syria dispute suicide claims
Russia has confirmed the death of one of its soldiers in Syria for the first time since the Kremlin launched a campaign of airstrikes.
Toyota passes VW again to be world’s top automaker
Toyota has reclaimed the title of the world’s biggest automaker after the first nine months of 2015, dethroning Volkswagen AG which sold the most...
Everything was Blurred: Thicke admits he was high and drunk ‘every time’
Robin Thicke repeatedly acknowledged that he was drunk and high when promoting Blurred Lines in video released showing him testifying about the song’s...
Loss of big animals and their poo has transformed Earth, say scientists
The loss of big animals to overhunting and human-driven pollution has meant a drastic drop in the amount of poo, which is critical to nourishing the Earth,...
High school security officer suspended for hurling student out of class
A school security officer in South Carolina has been suspended after a video showing a student being hurled across the floor went viral on social media.
Nestle will start selling Maggi noodles again in India next month
Nestle said Tuesday it had restarted production of Maggi noodles in India after a government ban was overturned, in a major step towards getting the hugely...
Bond is back - but can we keep him? Producers keen to lift Spectre of Craig quitting
The producers of the new James Bond movie have vowed to keep Daniel Craig in the lead role as the world premiere was held in London. Spectre is 47-year-old...
Ouch that’s gotta hurt! Dog named Trigger shoots owner in the foot
A dog called Trigger shot his 25-year-old owner in the foot while they were out hunting.
Survivor says Canada whale-watching boat was ‘capsized by a wave’
A whale-watching boat which sank off the Canadian coast killing five Britons was capsized by a wave, a survivor is reported to have said.
US warship sails close to Chinese artificial island in South China Sea
A US Navy ship sailed near an artificial island built by China in the South China Sea in a long-anticipated challenge to what the Obama administration...
Netanyahu mulls revoking benefits for some Palestinians in East Jerusalem
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has raised the possibility of revoking benefits and travel rights of some Palestinians living in East Jerusalem...
Ham, hot dogs and sausages CAN cause cancer, says WHO
Processed meat can cause bowel cancer - with red meat also a likely cause of the disease, the World Health Organisation has said.
Dozen schoolgirls among 200 dead as 7.7 magnitude quake shakes Afghanistan
Hundreds of people have been killed after an earthquake of 7.5 magnitude struck Afghanistan, say officials, with the effects felt hundreds of miles away.
Stunning image shows thousands of migrants making their way into Europe
This extraordinary image graphically illustrates the scale of the migrant crisis facing Europe.

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