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Bushfire destroys more than 100 homes but ‘worse may be yet to come’
Firefighters are struggling to control bushfires that have destroyed more than 100 homes in Australia.
Dozens feared dead after second landslide in Myanmar jade mine
Dozens of people are feared dead after a landslide hit a jade mine in Myanmar, the second such incident in just over a month.
100m told to stay indoors as choking smog threatens to engulf ten Chinese cities
More than 100 million people have been warned to stay indoors after at least ten Chinese cities issued red alerts for smog.
Video of wedding guests celebrating murder of toddler shocks Israel
A video of Orthodox Jewish wedding guests celebrating the killing of a Palestinian toddler has brought fierce condemnation from Israel prime minister Binyamin...
Seven dead as at least 20 tornadoes hit southern US states
At least 20 tornadoes have devastated parts of southern US states, leaving at least seven dead and homes destroyed. Tornadoes touched down in the...
Christmas terror attack warning for Westerners in China
Westerners have been warned they face “possible threats” - thought to be terror-related - in Beijing around Christmas Day. The British...
Spain’s Socialists block PM’s bid to stay in power
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy suffered a setback in his bid to stay in office as the Socialists refused Wednesday to back his attempt to form a...
Sri Lankan maid convicted of adultery is spared stoning to death sentence
A maid sentenced to death by stoning after being convicted of adultery in Saudi Arabia has won a reprieve.
Surprisingly popular: Thai military junta says 99% of people are happy with it
It’s the kind of poll result you’d see in a North Korean election or Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.
Survivor pulled out alive after 60 hours buried under landslide rubble
A survivor has been pulled out alive after spending 60 hours trapped beneath a mountain of rubble from a landslide in China.
How drones are on the frontline of tackling volcano eruption threat
Scientists in Iceland are turning to new technologies to help them predict the next major volcanic eruption there.
Terror suspect who beheaded his boss found hanged in prison cell
A French terror suspect who cut off his boss’s head and planted it on a fence at an industrial gas factory has been found dead in his jail cell.
Do you want to know a secret? The Beatles will be streaming music online
The Beatles seem set to end their boycott of streaming services and release their back catalogue of hits online.
19yo man pulled out alive after 60 hours buried under landslide rubble
A 19-year-old man has been pulled out alive after spending 60 hours trapped beneath a mountain of rubble from a landslide in southern China.
Judge rules Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom can be extradited to the US
Colourful internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and three of his colleagues can be extradited to the US to face criminal copyright charges, a New Zealand judge...
Ho-ho-no: Brunei bans Christmas and warns bauble breach could mean jail
Christmas is just around the corner, but there are no tinsel-laden trees or Santa hats in the oil-rich sultanate of Brunei, where celebrations have been...
19yo man pulled alive after 60 hours buried under landslide rubble
A 19-year-old man has been pulled out alive after spending 60 hours trapped beneath a mountain of rubble from a landslide in southern China.
Returning a national treasure: Nicolas Cage hands over stolen dinosaur skull
Actor Nicolas Cage has agreed to hand a rare stolen dinosaur skull he bought in good faith for $276,000 back to the US authorities so it can be returned...
No end in sight: More than 1 million migrants entered Europe this year
More than one million migrants and refugees have entered Europe this year, according to an intergovernmental organisation.
Chopped up into 12 pieces: son’s revenge attack on father’s killer
A man whose father was murdered more than 12 years ago has confessed to stabbing the killer to death and then chopping up his body, police say.
Indonesia punishes more than 20 companies over deadly forest fires
Indonesia is punishing more than 20 companies in an unprecedented move for starting deadly forest fires that killed 19 people, a government official said...
Out with the old (and costly): Japan unveils 2020 Olympic stadium plans – again
Japan has replaced a futuristic design for its 2020 Tokyo Olympic stadium with a cheaper and more understated one. Gone is the massive oblong dome...
Dismay as Australia approves huge coal port plant near Great Barrier Reef
Plans have been approved for a controversial coal port expansion to support mining projects and the dredging of 1.1 million cubic metres (2.4 million cubic...
Prominent China human rights lawyer convicted but avoids jail
A court convicted one of China’s most prominent rights lawyers on Tuesday of “inciting ethnic hatred” and trouble-making with posts criticising...
Boko Haram violence forces one million children out of school - UN
Violence in north-east Nigeria and neighbouring countries targeted by Boko Haram has forced more than one million children out of school, leaving them...
Police stopped car carrying Europe’s most wanted man 3 times, getaway driver says
Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam threatened to blow up the car of two men who drove him to Belgium in the hours after the atrocities, a Belgian police...
Toshiba to cut 7,000 jobs in PC and TV units as losses to hit $4.5bn
Japan’s Toshiba Corp said on Monday it will cut nearly 7,000 consumer electronics jobs after a $1.3 billion accounting scandal, in an overhaul that...
Miss Information: Show host’s gaffe sees wrong Universe winner crowned
The Miss Universe pageant descended into farce as the wrong winner was crowned last night.
Afghan official: Taliban fighters have overrun key district in Helmand
Taliban gunmen have overrun a strategic district in the southern province of Helmand, delivering a serious blow to government forces, Afghan officials...
Weeks of tough talking ahead as Spain wakes to new era of politics
Spanish political parties face what are likely to be weeks of tough negotiations to form a government after the country voted in a fragmented Parliament...

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