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Recruitment drive for disabled held in building without lifts or ramps
An attempt by Indian Railways to recruit disabled staff backfired badly this week when candidates had to make their way up a building with no lifts or...
30 hostages freed after gunmen go on shooting rampage at luxury hotel
Dozens of hostages trapped by gunmen who rampaged through a five-star hotel have been freed by special forces in Mali.
France wins backing for tighter border controls in wake of Paris attacks
France has won the backing of its European Union partners who have agreed a series of new measures on surveillance, border checks and gun control.
80 hostages freed after gunmen go on shooting rampage at five-star hotel
Dozens of hostages trapped by gunmen who rampaged through a five-star hotel have been freed by special forces in Mali.
Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard freed from American prison after 30 years
Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was released on parole in the US on Friday after 30 years in prison.
Up the poll: Voting under way in five-way fight over New Zealand flag design
Voting has begun in a poll to identify a new flag for New Zealand. Five new designs are in the running as the government seeks to retire the union symbol...
Second woman’s body found in building where Paris attacks ringleader died
The body of another woman has been found an apartment raided by police searching for Paris attacks suspects.
Gunmen take dozens of hostages in shooting rampage at five-star hotel
Gunmen have attacked a five-star hotel and taken dozens of people hostage in Mali’s capital Bamako.
Six arrested as mobster plot to assassinate Italian minister is thwarted
A mobster plot to assassinate Italy’s interior minister has been thwarted with the arrest of six Mafia bosses, police said on Friday. The men...
France pushes for tighter border controls in wake of Paris attacks
France is urging its European Union partners to toughen the borders and push ahead with a long-delayed system for collecting airline passenger information. Interior...
Paris attacks ringleader spotted on underground train on night of carnage
The suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was caught on camera at a Metro train station in the capital on the night of the carnage. Abaaoud,...
Chinese forces ‘hunt down and kill 28 terrorists behind deadly attack at colliery’
Chinese security forces say they have hunted down and killed 28 “terrorists” from a group behind a deadly attack at a coal mine. The announcement...
Nine arrests as Brussels raids target baby-faced suicide bomber’s entourage
Police in Brussels have stormed nine homes in the hunt for associates of baby-faced suicide bomber Bilal Hadfi.
Monster jewel in the crown: Largest diamond for 110 years is discovered
One of the largest diamonds seen in more than a century has been unearthed in Botswana.
Israelis stabbed to death as they gather for prayers in Tel Aviv office building
A knife-wielding Palestinian stabbed two Israelis to death and wounded a third in a Tel Aviv office building on Thursday.
One arrest as Brussels raids target baby-faced suicide bomber’s entourage
Raids in Brussels in the hunt for associates of baby-faced suicide bomber Bilal Hadfi appear to have drawn a blank.
We’re at risk of chemical or biological weapons attack, says French prime minister
France’s prime minister has warned the country was at risk of a chemical weapons attack. Manuel Valls was speaking as he presented a bill to...
Fears antibiotic-resistant superbug could cause global epidemic
Scientists in China have identified infectious bacteria that may be resistant to antibiotics.
Raids in Brussels target Paris suicide bomber’s ‘entourage’
Authorities have begun six raids in Brussels, which are connected to one of the suicide bombers in last Friday’s terror attacks. An official...
Chemical attack warning as French police await siege IDs
France’s Prime Minister has warned of the risk of a chemical weapons attack as authorities try to identify the two people who died in the Paris apartment...
Riots in Kosovo deepen crisis over Serbia accord
Riots erupted in Kosovo on Wednesday in a deepening crisis over relations with former ruler Serbia, with protesters setting fire to garbage containers...
Drop Assad demands if you want to unite against Islamic State, says Russia
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the West must drop its demands about the political exit of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad if it wants a genuinely...
New York psychic pleads guilty to conning lovelorn consultant out of $500,000
A New York psychic pleaded guilty to defrauding a British man, who paid her more than $500,000, by conning him into believing she could reunite him with...
Google tries to turn a minus into a plus with relaunch of social network
After slowly dismantling its struggling social network, the company is relaunching Google+ with a new look and an emphasis on ways to join interest groups,...
Bangladesh opposition leaders to hang for war crimes
Bangladesh’s Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected final appeals from two opposition leaders against death sentences for atrocities committed during...
‘Day from hell": Australian bushfires leave four dead, including 3 backpackers
At least four people - including three German backpackers - died in bushfires raging out of control in parts of Western Australia, authorities said Wednesday,...
Blast at Nigerian market kills more than 30, Boko Haram suspected
More than 30 people were killed Tuesday when a bomb blast ripped through packed crowds in Yola, northeast Nigeria, just days after President Muhammadu...
Fast & Furious star Paul Walker’s car crash death was his fault, says Porsche
Porsche has claimed that Hollywood star Paul Walker’s death in a car crash two years ago was his “own comparative fault”.
Sheen comes clean: Charlie reveals he’s HIV-positive ‘to stop blackmailers’
Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen has revealed he is HIV positive during a live interview on American television. It was announced on Monday that the...
Putin offers $50 million reward for information about downed Egypt plane
Russia has offered a $50 million (£33 million) reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the bombing of Metrojet Flight...

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