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Brussels under attack: 20 dead as further bomb blast hits Metro station
An “enormous” rush-hour explosion hit a Metro station close to EU Buildings in Brussels, shortly after two blasts killed up to 20 people in...
Hulk Hogan awarded $25M in punitive damages for sex tape leak
Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has been awarded a further $25m (£17.3m) in punitive damages just days after Gawker Media was ordered to pay $115m (£79.5m)...
India has the most people in the world without clean water, report shows
India has the world’s highest number of people without access to clean water — imposing a major financial burden for some of the country’s...
Sydney siege cleric tried to blast fleeing hostages with shotgun but missed
The man behind a deadly siege at a Sydney cafe fired at some of the hostages as they escaped but missed, possibly because of his limited experience with...
Guinea monitoring 816 Ebola contacts following flare-up
Guinea’s Ebola coordination unit has traced an estimated 816 people who may have come into contact with victims of the disease or their corpses during...
Belgian police name Salah Abdeslam’s accomplice after DNA breakthrough
Belgian prosecutors on Monday said they had discovered the real identity of a possible accomplice of Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam, as they met with...
Warring Madonna and Guy Ritchie will settle son’s future in US courts
The future of Rocco Ritchie, son of warring couple Guy Ritchie and pop star Madonna, will be settled in the U.S.
Russian court says Ukraine pilot guilty over journalist murders
A Russian judge today said that Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko was complicit in the killing of two Russian journalists, an assertion certain to inflame...
I have a message to read: Sydney siege hostage’s emergency call revealed
A phone call made by a hostage killed in the Sydney cafe siege to the emergency services has been played at an inquest.
Foot-in-mouth fault: Djokovic wades into tennis sexism pay row
Tennis world number one Novac Djokovic has waded into the debate about equality in the game saying men should be paid more prize money than women.
Movie watchdog deals Mike Tyson film knockout blow over fake cinema takings
The Chinese distributor of martial arts movie Ip Man 3 – starring former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson – has had its licence...
Australian PM takes bold gamble and sets in motion July election
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull set the stage for early elections on July 2, despite signs his personal popularity is sagging, by recalling...
Tensions spike as North Korea fires five short-range projectiles into the sea
North Korea fired five short-range projectiles into the sea off its east coast on Monday, South Korea’s military said, amid heightened tension over...
14 killed as student coach veers across main road and crashes in Spain
At least 14 people were killed when a bus carrying foreign students veered out of control and crashed in Spain.
Cruise ship rescues survivors after nine Cuban migrants die off Florida
Nine Cuban migrants have died and 18 others were rescued after their boat was found off the coast of Florida.
Delays and fifth of flights cancelled as air traffic controllers go on strike
Dozens of flights are being cancelled in and out France over the next three days because of industrial action by traffic controllers.
Iran’s leaders offer different economic visions for coming year
Iran’s two most powerful figures offered contrasting visions for the economy in speeches marking Iranian new year on Sunday, with Supreme Leader...
Exiled Tibetans to elect leader to sustain struggle against China
Exiled Tibetans across India and overseas started voting on Sunday to elect a political leader for the next five years, in a bid to help sustain their...
World Heritage forest site on Tasmania saved from logging
The Australian government ended its push to log World Heritage-listed forests on the southern island state of Tasmania on Sunday, after the United Nations...
Greece under major strain as migrant compromise takes effect
Authorities in Greece are struggling to put in place infrastructure to implement the deal signed by EU leaders and Turkey in Brussels to stem the flow...
That’s more like it! Nico Rosberg wins dramatic Australian Grand Prix
Nico Rosberg won a dramatic Australian Grand Prix for Mercedes on Sunday after Ferrari’s challenge was squandered by a bungled tyre strategy.
The IDS of March: Senior UK minister resigns over planned welfare cuts
A senior British cabinet minister resigned on Friday citing concerns about the latest round of cuts to benefits announced earlier this week, in a surprise...
We got him! Paris attacks fugitive Abdeslam captured after shoot-out in Brussels
Europe’s most wanted man has been “caught alive” after being wounded in a Brussels shoot-out. Salah Abdeslam, who was being hunted...
Europe and Turkey agree one-in, one-out deal to staunch flow of refugees
The leaders of the 28 EU countries and Turkey have reached a landmark deal aimed at halting illegal migration to Europe. Under the agreement, new...
Paris attacks fugitive Abdeslam captured after shoot-out in Brussels
Europe’s most wanted man has been “caught alive” after being wounded in a Brussels shoot-out. Salah Abdeslam, who was being hunted...
White powder found in threatening letter sent to Donald Trump’s son
A threatening letter containing an unidentified powder was sent to the home of the son of Republican front runner Donald Trump.
Zuckerberg runs into trouble as he takes a jog through the smog in Beijing
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been jogging through smog-shrouded Beijing … and ran straight into a storm of abuse.
Paris attacks fugitive Abdeslam ‘escaped from deadly flat shoot-out’
Europe’s most wanted man, Salah Abdeslam, slipped through the fingers of police who raided his Brussels hideaway.
Is it the end of maniacs on mopeds?: Now, your pizza will be delivered by robot
Fast food giant Domino’s wants to use robots to deliver its pizzas in New Zealand.
Zoo counts its losses after exotic birds killed by golf ball-sized hailstones
A violent hailstorm that dropped ice pellets the size of golf balls has killed eight exotic birds at a zoo in Texas.

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