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Syria ‘gas attack’ kills dozens in rebel-held Idlib
At least 58 people, including 11 children, died in a suspected gas attack in Syria’s Idlib province, according to activists.
Theresa May defends Britain’s relationship with Saudi Arabia
Theresa May has defended the UK’s links with Saudi Arabia as she visits the country.
Harrison Ford escapes punishment for plane near-miss
Harrison Ford has escaped punishment for his latest flying mishap after federal officials closed an investigation.
Drunk pilot sentenced to 8 months in jail in Canada
An airline pilot who passed out in the cockpit after drinking a bottle of vodka before a flight has been jailed for eight months.
‘At least 10 killed’ after explosion on St Petersburg underground
Ten people have died after a blast on the underground system in St Petersburg, Russia’s anti-terrorism committee has said.
Babies in Britain, Canada and Italy cry more than elsewhere – study
Babies cry more in Britain, Canada, Italy and Netherlands than in other countries, while newborns in Denmark, Germany and Japan cry and fuss the least,...
Trudeau vs Perry: Friends actor passes on Canadian PM’s request for a rematch
Justin Trudeau has challenged Matthew Perry to a rematch after the Friends actor recently revealed he beat the Canadian Prime Minister up during school...
Colombia ‘avalanche of water’ kills more than 200 people
At least 200 people are dead after an “avalanche of water” engulfed the Colombian city of Mocoa, according to the Red Cross.
Eighteen people injured in bonfire explosion at French carnival
An accidental explosion at a bonfire display in France has injured 18 people, including three children.
Fire hits Dubai high-rise complex near world’s tallest tower
A large fire has broken out at a high-rise residential complex under construction near Dubai’s largest shopping mall, filling the sky with thick...
Inventor of gay rights rainbow flag, Gilbert Baker, dies at 65
Gilbert Baker, a San Francisco-based activist and artist best known for creating the rainbow flag representing gay rights, has died at the age of 65, his...
Federer sets up classic Miami Open final against Nadal
Roger Federer’s season of resurgence took another thrilling turn on Friday night when he won a three-tiebreaker semi-final against Nick Kyrgios at...
Tiger Woods will be at the Masters, but not to play
Tiger Woods has confirmed he will not be playing in the Masters next week as he is not “tournament ready” following further back problems.
Gibraltar will be ‘even more British’ after Brexit, says chief minister Picardo
Gibraltar’s chief minister has told Sky News the territory “is not going to be a political pawn in Brexit” and will become even more...
Islamic State is ‘broke’ and struggling to pay its fighters
Iraq’s former finance minister has told Sky News that Islamic State is nearly bankrupt and is running out of money to pay its fighters.
Brexit: Northern Ireland ‘can rejoin EU if it votes for reunification’
If Northern Ireland opts for reunification it would have the ability to join the European Union as part of the Republic after Brexit, a leaked ministerial...
Carlos the Jackal sentenced to life for 1974 Paris bombing
Carlos the Jackal, a notorious Venezuelan militant serving two life sentences, has been handed a third by a French court.
London attack ‘hero’ minister Tobias Ellwood speaks of 'dark day’
The foreign minister hailed a hero for trying to save the life of PC Keith Palmer in the Westminster attack has spoken in the House of Commons for the...
‘Beautiful day’ for Sebastian Vettel as breaks Ferrari’s F1 drought with victory in Australia
An ecstatic Sebastian Vettel reflected on a “beautiful day” after winning the Australian Grand Prix, but suggested it was too early to start...
British interior minister accuses WhatsApp of giving terrorists ‘a place to hide’
Technology companies should no longer be able to provide encrypted messaging services that cannot be accessed in emergencies by the security services,...
Cutting salt intake could stop excessive toilet trips in the wee hours
Frequently needing the toilet in the middle of the night is a condition that affects more than half of 50s, leading to fatigue, irritability and a groggy...
Cheryl and One Direction star Liam Payne announce birth of first son
Former Girls Aloud star Cheryl and her partner Liam Payne of One Direction fame have announced the birth of their first child.
MPs honoured for their response to Westminster terror attack
A minister who tried to save the life of the police officer murdered in the Westminster attack is one of two MPs honoured for their response to the atrocity.
Hamilton roars onto pole position in Melbourne
Lewis Hamilton dominated qualifying for the first Grand Prix of the season, posting the fastest lap ever at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne.
Harrison Ford says he was distracted when he flew over plane
Movie legend Harrison Ford described himself as a ‘schmuck’ when he mistakenly landed his private plane on an airport taxiway on 13 February.
Westminster attacker told friend of desire to kill people
The terrorist behind the Westminster attack sought professional help for anger issues and told friends he dreamed of killing someone, according to reports.
At least one dead and several others hurt in major terror incident outside UK Parliament
A policeman has been stabbed and his attacker shot by officers after a major terrorist incident at the Houses of Parliament.
Contraceptive pill ‘protects women from cancers for 30 years’
The contraceptive pill can protect women from some types of cancer for as long as 30 years, according to new research.
Eurovision: Ukraine bans Russian singer from content over illegal Crimea visit
Ukraine has banned a Russian singer from entering the country to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Trump’s former campaign chief’s secret plan to help Putin government
President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, secretly worked for Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska to advance the interests...

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