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Turkey orders closure of over 130 media outlets in post-coup purge
The Turkish government has ordered the closure of more than 130 media outlets amid a deepening crackdown following this month’s failed coup.
Suitcase ‘explosion’ near migration centre sparks security scare in Germany
A blazing suitcase found outside a reception centre for migrants sparked a major security scare in Germany on Wednesday.
Ice Bucket Challenge leads to major brain disease gene breakthrough
Money raised by the viral charity campaign where people poured a bucket of ice water over their head has helped researchers discover a new gene associated...
Mickey wants your sole: Disney to track park guests using their shoes
Disney has patented a system to track guests at its theme parks using their shoes.
Native American chief, war hero and Dances With Wolves star dies at 97
A celebrated Native American chief who appeared in the Oscar-winning 1990 film Dances With Wolves has died aged 97.
Islamic State claims it was behind twin bomb blasts which killed 44 in Syria
A massive twin bomb blast claimed by the Islamic State group killed at least 44 people and wounded dozens on Wednesday in the Syrian city of Qamishli.
Former MP was one of the Somalia suicide bombers that killed 13
A former Islamist MP turned al Shabaab militant was one of the drivers in Tuesday’s double car bomb attack on the African Union’s main peacekeeping...
Ice Bucket Challenge leads to major ILS gene breakthrough
Money raised by the viral charity campaign where people poured a bucket of ice water over their head has helped researchers discover a new gene associated...
Smiling and smirking, the man accused of knifing 19 disabled people to death
The man who says he knifed 19 disabled people to death in Japan has been seen seemingly laughing and smiling broadly as he was transported to face prosecutors.
Guide stumbles across one of world’s largest ever dinosaur footprints
A tourist guide has stumbled across a giant dinosaur footprint that is one of the biggest ever found.
Apple profits dive but shares rise even as iPhone sales stall
Apple’s profits dropped 27% in the second quarter of the year - partly driven by sales in China falling by a third.
Here’s a tall story: Netherlands and Latvia lead world for people’s height
If you want to see a tall population of men, go to the Netherlands. Tall women? Latvia.
Baby born in Spain with Zika-caused microcephaly is first in Europe
A woman infected with the Zika virus gave birth to a baby with the brain-damaging disorder microcephaly in Spain on Monday, her hospital said, the first...
Marni Nixon, Hollywood’s ‘invisible voice’, has died at 86
Tributes have been paid to the soprano who dubbed the voices of Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood and Marilyn Monroe, who has died aged 86.
‘I can no longer stay silent’: basketball icon Jordan speaks out over gun violence
Michael Jordan has finally spoken out about racial tensions in America in hopes of easing conflicts between blacks and law enforcement.
Dirty water stunts estimated 48 million Indian children, shows study
India is home to the world’s largest number of stunted children due to a lack of toilets, dirty water and poor hygiene, according to a new study...
Australian leader launches inquiry into ‘shocking’ teen detainee abuse
Australia’s prime minister has ordered a sweeping investigation into alleged abuse at a juvenile detention center after video emerged of Aboriginal...
Kiwi jiu-jitsu star robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro by men in police uniforms
A sportsman living in Brazil says he was kidnapped by men in police uniform and forced to withdraw money from cash machines.New Zealander Jason Lee, a...
Turkey in no position to become EU member any time soon: Juncker
Turkey is in no position to become a European Union member any time soon and all negotiations for it to join will stop immediately if it reintroduces the...
Nintendo shares dive as it warns Pokemon Go impact on profits will be limited
Shares in Nintendo plunged on Monday after it warned that the Pokemon Go mania sweeping the world would not translate into bumper profits, taking the wind...
Child casualties of Afghan war hit highest level since 2009, UN report shows
The number of children killed or wounded in Afghanistan’s conflict surged in the first half of 2016, compared to the same period last year, the United...
Tigers maul woman to death and injure another in Chinese wildlife park
A visitor was mauled to death and another seriously injured when they were attacked by Siberian tigers at a wildlife park in Beijing.
G20 countries pledge to boost growth and dampen Brexit shock
Finance officials of major economies pledged on Sunday to boost sluggish global growth and promised to defend against the shockwaves of Britain’s...
15 social media users under investigation for saying Turkey coup was a hoax
Turkish prosecutors are investigating people who have alleged on social media that a July 15 coup attempt was a hoax carried out by the government.
Tens of thousands attend funeral for killed prominent critic of Cambodia leader
Tens of thousands of Cambodians marched Sunday in the funeral procession for a leading government critic who was fatally shot in an attack that raised...
Solar Impulse II takes to skies on final leg of epic global round trip
An experimental solar-powered airplane is en route from Cairo for Abu Dhabi on the last leg of its globe-circling voyage.
First burned body found as California wildfire consumes 20,000 acres
A burned body was found on Saturday at the scene of a brushfire north of Los Angeles that has scorched 31 square miles and prompted the evacuation of 1,500...
Alcohol linked to seven cancers and even moderate drinkers are at risk
Alcohol causes at least seven forms of cancer and people drinking even low to moderate amounts are at risk, according to new research.
Police detain journalist’s wife over social media link to ‘insulting’ royal pictures
Thai police on Friday questioned the wife of a British journalist over his social media links to unflattering photos of the kingdom’s crown prince.
Mystery of flight MH370 may never be solved as $100m search to be suspended
The search for missing flight MH370 will be suspended if the current operation in the Indian Ocean fails to find the plane.

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