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Diver ‘killed by shark bigger than 17ft boat’ in second fatal attack in days
A diver whose body was found near Perth in Western Australia suffered “significant injuries consistent with a shark attack”, police have said.
Threat from Paris floods ease but much of France remains on high alert
The rain-swollen River Seine in Paris receded after reaching its highest level in three decades as attention turned Sunday to other areas of France where...
60yo woman diver believed mauled to death by shark in second fatal attack in days
A woman whose body was found near Perth in Western Australia had suffered “significant injuries consistent with a shark attack”, police have...
Beer on tap… for life! Crowdfunded booze pipeline to protect ancient Bruges
The idea may have seemed mad, but after all, the beer is called the Madman of Bruges — or Brugse Zot in Dutch.
Unwed Indian women targeted in ‘black-market baby scam’
Police fear staff at a private hospital in India have been selling babies for as little as 100,000 rupees ($1,500), with agents convincing unmarried mothers...
Austrian foreign minister says migrants should be kept on islands
Asylum seekers to the European Union should be held on islands rather than be allowed direct access to the continent, Austria’s foreign minister...
First baby believed born in United States with Zika-related defect
A baby suffering from a birth defect caused by the Zika virus was born on Tuesday in New Jersey to a woman visiting from Honduras who is infected with...
Bodies of 40 tiger cubs found in Thai temple freezer amid trafficking fears
Thai wildlife authorities found 40 tiger cub carcasses in a freezer in Thailand’s infamous Tiger Temple on Wednesday as they removed live animals...
Fortune hunter: 16yo Chinese boy sneaks on jet and gets all way to Dubai
A Chinese boy sneaked on board an Emirates passenger jet and flew to Dubai because he thought he could earn his fortune begging in the commercial hub.
Relative of Mexico footballer Alan Pulido held over kidnapping after shoot-out
Police investigating the kidnap of Mexican football star Alan Pulido have arrested his cousin’s husband.
Surfer loses leg in shark attack off west Australia
A 29-year-old surfer was in critical a condition Wednesday after a shark tore a leg off at an Australian west coast beach.
Music pioneers Kraftwerk lose court fight over sampled hip-hop song
Electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk have lost a 19-year-long copyright battle against an artist who had sampled a two-second drum sequence from one of...
Ed Snowden did a ‘public service when he exposed spy program’
Edward Snowden performed a “public service” in stoking a national debate about secret domestic surveillance programs, but he should still return...
VW profit plunges 19% as emissions scandal continues to hit sales
Volkswagen has reported profit before tax of $3.5bn (€3.15bn) for the first quarter of the year - a 19.3% fall compared with 2015.
North Korea ‘tries to launch medium-range Musudan missile’
North Korea has failed to launch its Musudan missile for the fourth time, South Korea claims.
Second minister forced to quit Brazil’s new regime over corruption probe tape
The government of Brazil’s acting president Michel Temer has taken a fresh hit on Monday as the anti-corruption minister resigned after a recording...
Huge ammunition depot fire leaves at least 17 dead in India
A blaze at a large military ammunition depot in India has killed at least 17 people and left more than a dozen injured, authorities have said.
Spurned boyfriend ‘burns student ex-girlfriend alive’ as passers-by ignored pleas
A Rome university student was burned alive by her ex-boyfriend after she left him, authorities said Monday.
‘Tourists go home’: Spain visitor surge sparks backlash
On the walls of the grand old houses of this Balearic port which attracts millions of foreigners every year, a new kind of graffiti has flourished: “Tourists...
Iraqi forces ‘break through’ into Islamic State stronghold of Fallujah
Iraqi forces have entered Fallujah under coalition air cover as a new phase begins to win back one of Islamic State’s key cities.
‘You can’t legislate for stupidity’: night swimmer grabbed by crocodile
A woman who went night swimming off a beach in northeast Australia is missing after she was attacked by a crocodile.
Act now or lose it: bleaching kills third of coral in Great Barrier Reef
Mass bleaching has killed more than a third of the coral in the northern and central parts of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, though corals to the...
Search resumes for 7yo boy left in remote woods ‘as punishment’
A seven-year-old boy is missing in a forest after his parents made him get out of the car as punishment, police in Japan have said.
Over 700 migrants may have drowned in Med in the last week, UN claims
More than 700 migrants may have drowned in the Mediterranean trying to reach Europe in the last few days, according to the UN. Its refugee agency,...
Fire kills 17 at temporary home for elderly people in Ukraine
At least 17 people have been killed in a fire at a temporary home for elderly people in a village in Ukraine.
Leaders mark centenary of World War One’s longest battle, Verdun
The leaders of France and Germany are commemorating 100 years since the Battle of Verdun - the longest of the First World War. More than 300,000 soldiers...
One dead, several injured as lightning storms hit parts of Europe
One man has been killed and dozens of people, including children, have been taken to hospital as lightning strikes hit parts of Europe, including a park...
Police use pepper spray to break up violent rival race rallies in Melbourne
Riot police in Melbourne have used pepper spray to separate hundreds of rival protesters after clashes broke out between anti-Islam and anti-racism rallies.
He’d go on hunger strike: Kim Jong-Un’s defector aunt spills family secrets
The aunt of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un is living anonymously in the U.S., where she runs a dry-cleaning business after having defected...
Argentina’s last dictator among 15 jailed over kidnap and torture plot
Argentina’s last dictator and 14 other former military officials have been jailed for their parts in a plot to kidnap and disappear people across...

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