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Forget about a villa in Spain, how about a timeshare in space..?
Two aerospace companies are teaming up to launch giant space habitats to orbit, with the first lift-off targeted for 2020.
Sun setting on Ki-moon and the world’s toughest job interview begins
Imagine, if you can, the world’s most terrifying job interview. Now make it worse.
Soaring numbers of children used by Boko Haram terror group as suicide bombers
The terror group Boko Haram is increasingly using children to carry out suicide bombing missions, the UN has warned.
Child’s play: William and Kate meet some of India’s vulnerable street children
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had lunch with the Indian premier in a former royal palace as their tour of the country enters its third day.
80% of water from underground sources not safe to drink, China report shows
More than 80% of China’s underground water drawn from relatively shallow wells used by farms, factories and mostly rural households is unsafe for...
Brazil’s Rousseff brands VP a traitor, denounces ‘coup’
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff took off the gloves Tuesday, branding her vice president a traitor and coup-plotter ahead of an impeachment vote scheduled...
Obama reveals ‘worst mistake’ of his Presidency… and his saddest day
President Barack Obama said that the worst mistake of his presidency was the sheer lack of planning by his government in the aftermath of the 2011 toppling...
Radicalised teen prisoner ‘carved IS slogan into cellmate’s forehead’
An Australian prisoner has reportedly cut an Islamic State slogan into the face of a fellow inmate.
NASA’s Kepler planet-spotting spacecraft in ‘emergency state’
NASA scientists are scrambling to save the planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft after it slipped into a state of emergency.
Fujimori leads Peru election first round and heads to run-off
The daughter of jailed former President Alberto Fujimori held a strong lead in preliminary results from the first round of Peru’s presidential election...
Indian police detain five after temple fireworks blaze kills 108
Indian police have detained five people after a fireworks display at a Hindu temple set off explosions and fire killing 108 people, an officer said on...
Canadian aboriginal community declares suicide emergency
An indigenous community in northern Canada has declared a state of emergency after 11 people attempted to take their own lives in one day this month.
Spy game: Senior North Korea military officer defects to South
A colonel from North Korea’s military spy agency fled to South Korea last year in a rare senior-level defection, Seoul officials said Monday.
Canada aboriginal community emergency after 11 suicide attempts in one night
An indigenous community in northern Canada has declared a state of emergency after 11 people attempted to take their own lives in one day this month.
Indian cricketing royalty Sachin Tendulkar shows WillKat finer points of game
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wasted no time winning over Mumbai locals as they joined a cricket match with Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar. Prince...
Super Bowl winner killed in road rage shooting after minor car crash
American football star Will Smith has been shot dead in a road rage attack after a car crash.
1 million players targeted as rugby strikes Alibaba deal to touch down in China
Rugby is about to touchdown in style in China. The game’s governing body, World Rugby, has signed a 10-year deal with Chinese e-commerce giant...
Fronds in need: Castaways saved after spelling out ‘help’ using palm leaves
Three castaways have been rescued from a desert island after rescuers spotted their message for help spelt out in the sand.
Killings blight Peru election as jailed strongman’s daughter scents victory
The daughter of jailed Peruvian autocrat Alberto Fujimori was looking odds on for a presidential election victory on Sunday. Keiko Fujimori, whose...
Clinton feels the Bern as Sanders wins again to spice up New York showdown
Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has snatched another win over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the Wyoming caucuses. The 74-year-old Vermont...
At least 100 killed as illegal firework display sparks huge blaze at Indian temple
A huge fire has killed more than 100 people and injured at least 250 others during a fireworks display in a Hindu temple in southern India on Sunday.
All clear for heavyweight round two: Fury-Klitschko rematch set for July
World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will defend his belts in a rematch against Wladimir Klitschko in Manchester on July 9.
Head of culture quits after threatening to give his critics ‘a sound slapping’
The head of culture in Portugal quit on Friday after causing an outcry by threatening to slap two newspaper critics.
North Korean restaurant workers ‘spurred by watching TV’ to defect
Thirteen North Koreans working at the same restaurant have defected to South Korea - after TV dramas alerted them to Pyongyang propaganda.
Second wave of deported migrants arrive in Turkey under EU pact
A second group of migrants has been sent back to Turkey from Greece as part of a controversial deal to curb the flow of refugees and migrants into Europe.
From Les Miserables to nappy days: Anne Hathaway has baby boy
Anne Hathaway has given birth to a baby boy. The Oscar-winning actress and her producer-husband Adam Shulman welcomed their first child, son Jonathan Rosebanks...
1bn on alert as Adobe issues emergency Flash update to halt ransomware attacks
More than 1billion internet users have been warned to update a key piece of software amid fears it could be used for ransomware attacks.
Fidel Castro makes rare public appearance in wake of Obama visit
Ageing former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has made a rare public appearance, his first nine months.
Look to your conscience on issues of marriage, love and sex, Pope tells faithful
Pope Francis says Catholics should look to their own consciences more than Vatican rules to negotiate the complexities of sex, marriage and family life.
Australia pledges to strip citizenship from dual nationals involved in terror
Australia is to strip dual nationals convicted of terror-related crimes of citizenship.

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