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Home at last!: Pokemon Go finally launches in country where it all began
Pikachu was welcomed home by thousands of enthusiastic gamers on Friday as the global phenomenon that is Pokemon Go finally launched in Japan - the country...
Anti-LBGT bathroom law costs North Carolina $100m All-Star basketball game
Next year’s All-Star game is to be moved from North Carolina in protest at an anti-LGBT law, meaning the loss of about $100 million for the state.
Terror alert as driver crashes car laden with gas bottles into police station
A driver sparked a major security operation after he set himself on fire and rammed a car laden with gas bottles into a police station in Sydney.
Carer shot by police … as he lies on ground with arms up trying to calm patient
Police shot a therapist lying in the street with his hands up as he tried to look after an autistic man.
Oscar Pistorius prosecutors to appeal ‘shockingly lenient’ murder sentence
Prosecutors are to push for a longer sentence for Oscar Pistorius after he was jailed for six years for murder.
Russia outraged as athletes lose their appeal against Rio Olympics doping ban
Russia’s track and field athletes will be banned from Rio following allegations of state-sponsored doping.
Former prime minister’s son jailed for seven years for money laundering
The exiled son of the former Bangladesh prime minister has been jailed for seven years for money laundering.
Russian athletes lose their appeal against Rio Olympics doping ban
Sixty-eight Russian track and field athletes will be banned from Rio following allegations of state-sponsored doping.
Jigglypuff and Co a threat to good Muslims: Pokemon GO fatwa renewed
Saudi Arabia has renewed a fatwa on Pokemon because it violates Islamic rules on gambling and uses images such as Christian crosses and Jewish stars.
Zombies, Trekkies and superheroes beam in for Comic-Con geek fest
Hordes of zombies, Stormtroopers, superheroes and Starfleet officers have already begun crawling, marching, flying and beaming into San Diego for the annual...
Teenage student leader faces jail over Hong Kong pro-democracy protests
A teenager who led a massive pro-democracy street protest in Hong Kong has been found guilty of taking part in an illegal rally.
Bodies of 22 migrants found lying in pool of fuel on dinghy in the Mediterranean
The bodies of 22 migrants have been found on a rubber dinghy adrift near the Libyan coast, just hours after they had set sail for Italy.
Trucks and buses glide into view under electric car-maker Tesla’s masterplan
Electric car maker Tesla Motors is planning to build heavy trucks and buses which could be unveiled as early as next year.
We’re on a break: Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney call off their engagement
It’s official… Lady Gaga and her fiance, actor Taylor Kinney, are on a break.
‘Supervillain’ troll banned from Twitter for life over Ghostbusters actress abuse
Right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos has been permanently banned by Twitter after Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones was abused by trolls.The technology...
Prominent journalist who riled the Kremlin killed in car bombing
A prominent journalist was killed in a car bombing in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, on Wednesday.
Three French special forces soldiers killed on Libya intelligence mission
Three French special forces soldiers have been killed in Libya during an intelligence-gathering mission, president Francois Hollande said on Wednesday.
Indian MPs in uproar after four members of lower caste stripped and beaten
India’s parliament was in uproar Wednesday after four men belonging to the low-caste Dalit community were beaten while trying to skin a dead cow...
On cloud nine: Microsoft betting its future on the cloud as profits bounce back
Microsoft has revealed significant growth in its cloud computing service helped boost profits to more than $3bn.
From every little seed… California’s giant trees cloned to combat climate change
A group of intrepid aborists are cloning California’s giant sequoias and coastal redwoods in an effort to combat climate change.
Hollywood mourns ‘Happy Days’ creator and 'Pretty Woman’ director Garry Marshall
Garry Marshall, who created and executive produced some of the most popular sitcoms on TV — Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, The Odd Couple and...
Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones quits Twitter after torrent of racist abuse
Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones has left Twitter with a “very sad heart” after she was subjected to racist abuse from online trolls. The...
Indonesia says most wanted Muslim extremist Santoro dead in firefight
One of the world’s most wanted IS terrorists has been killed in a gun battle with security forces in Indonesia, police have said.
Body-shaming Playboy model Dani Mathers makes video apology as police investigate
A Playboy model may have to answer to police after she took a photo of another woman in a gym and posted it on Snapchat with the caption: “If I can’t...
24 tourists die as flames sweep through crashed Taiwan guide bus
A Taiwan tour bus carrying tourists from China crashed into a highway railing en route to the airport on Tuesday and burst into flames, killing all 26...
Pokemon Go drives Nintendo’s surge as market value doubles to $42 billion
Shares of Japan’s Nintendo Co soared another 14% on Tuesday, more than doubling the company’s market capitalisation to 4.5 trillion yen ($42.5...
‘Hate memorial’ sees mourners spit on place where killer lorry driver died
Mourners in Nice have built an anti-shrine on the site where the lorry killer was shot dead by police, moments after massacring 84 people.
Plagiarism row as Melania tries to show husband Donald Trump’s softer side
Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, in her first major political speech on Monday, portrayed her husband as a talented, compassionate and unrelenting leader...
Having stomach troubles? Try swallowing an origami robot
Has your child swallowed a small battery? In the future, a tiny robot made from pig gut could capture it and expel it.
German police kill Afghan teen after he attacked passengers on a train
A teenage Afghan migrant armed with an ax and a knife attacked passengers aboard a regional train in southern Germany on Monday night, injuring four people...

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