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Beastie Boys’ founding guitarist John Berry dead at 52 after dementia battle
Original Beastie Boys guitarist John Berry has died in a hospice in Massachusetts aged 52.
Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam arrives in court to face judges’ questions
The leading suspect in the Paris terror attacks was being questioned for the first time in France today.
San Francisco police boss quits hours after unarmed black woman shot dead
San Francisco’s police chief has resigned at the request of the city’s mayor, hours after a black woman was shot dead by an officer.
Cheesy does it: Naples reclaims world record with mile-long margherita pizza
Naples has reclaimed the world record for the longest pizza after more than 200 chefs rolled out and cooked a mile-long margherita.
Trump raises former President Bill Clinton rape claim in TV interview
Donald Trump has used the word “rape” while discussing past allegations of sexual misconduct against former President Bill Clinton in a TV...
Two more tremors strike earthquake-hit Ecuador
Two earthquakes have hit Ecuador in the same region where more than 650 people were killed last month. The latest tremors, measuring 6.7 and 6.8 in...
Erdogan tightens grip on power in Turkey as old ally is made prime minister
President Tayyip Erdogan cemented his grip on power in Turkey as a close ally was pencilled in as his new prime minister.
Pope blasts ‘bloodsuckers’ who grow rich by exploiting poor workers
Pope Francis launched a tirade against bloodsuckers who grow rich by exploiting others on Thursday.
Pregnant teenager is rescued, two years after #BringBackOurGirls kidnap
A girl who was among scores kidnapped by terror group Boko Haram in Nigeria two years ago has been found alive.
Zika virus ‘on inevitable march into Europe’s holiday hotspots this summer’
The zika virus will reach parts of Europe later this year, health experts have said.
Video reveals Canada wildfire’s eerie Martian-like landscape
Eerie footage of the Martian-like reddish glow caused by a massive new wildfire in Canada has been captured by evacuees forced to flee for the second time...
Scores feared dead as torrential rain triggers landslides in Sri Lanka
Rescuers were searching on Wednesday for more than 200 families feared buried by mudslides in a remote area in central Sri Lanka.
Suzuki mired in fuel tests scandal as Mitsubishi boss stands aside
Suzuki has admitted finding errors in its fuel-economy and emissions testing but denied deliberately manipulating data to make its cars seem more efficient.
US military appoints its first openly gay civilian leader
The US military has its first openly gay civilian leader after Eric Fanning was appointed as Army Secretary. The Senate unanimously confirmed Mr Fanning,...
Tooled up: Man, 72, fights off circling crocodiles with spanners
A 72-year-old man threw spanners and spark plugs to fight off circling crocodiles after his friend drowned when one of the reptiles capsized their boat.
Model among eight arrested in Iran for ‘un-Islamic’ Instagram posts
Iran has arrested eight people, including a leading model, for what it calls “un-Islamic” acts online such as posting photos of themselves...
Workers forced to flee as resurgent wildfire threatens Alberta oil camps
Some 8,000 workers at oil camps north of the fire-ravaged Canadian city of Fort McMurray have been ordered out of the area as authorities continue the...
Australia defers backpacker tax rise after farmers rebel
Australia will review a planned tax rise for foreign travelers who work in the country, following complaints from farmers.
Yellowstone forced to put down bison calf tourists ‘rescued for being cold’
Yellowstone National Park has euthanised a newborn bison that was loaded into a vehicle by tourists who thought it was cold. The National Park Service...
Thailand bomb suspect breaks down and yells: ‘I’m not an animal’
One of two ethnic Uighur Muslims from China accused of involvement in a deadly bombing at a Bangkok shrine last year broke down in front of cameras on...
Amateur divers discover ‘amazing’ Roman treasure trove in ancient shipwreck
The cargo of a Roman-era ship that sank off the Mediterranean coast 1,600 years ago has been discovered near Israel.
Angelina Jolie blasts ‘politics of fear’ that puts millions of migrants at risk
Angelina Jolie has hit out the “politics of fear” that she says is putting the lives of millions of displaced people at risk.
China barely notes start of Cultural Revolution 50 years ago
Exactly 50 years ago, China embarked on what was formally known as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, a decade of tumult launched by Mao Zedong...
Criminals will hang – twice – vows tough-talking Philippines president-elect Duterte
Philippines’ president-elect Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to introduce executions by hanging and order military snipers to kill suspected criminals...
Swimmer taken to hospital with shark that bit her still on her arm
A woman who was bitten by a shark was taken to the hospital for treatment - with the fish that bit her hanging from her arm.
Donkey Kong the movie? Nintendo plans to release own films within 3 years
Japanese video game maker Nintendo Co. is eyeing the movie business for growth. Company spokesman Makoto Wakae said details are undecided but the work...
Colombian FARC rebels agree to let ‘child soldiers’ leave ranks
Colombia’s government and leftist FARC rebels have agreed to a roadmap for children under 15 to leave guerilla encampments and re-integrate into...
Chilis call off gig as singer Anthony Kiedis taken to hospital with mystery illness
Singer Anthony Kiedis has been taken to hospital, forcing his band the Red Hot Chili Peppers to cancel a gig at the last minute.
19th century’s last survivor sets sights on becoming oldest person ever
As a young woman in the roaring 1920s, the world’s oldest living person loved to go singing and dancing. Now 116-year-old Italian Emma Morano’s...
Brickbats from Beijing: Pentagon island-building warning hypes up threat
China says a fearful U.S. military report has hyped up its threat and damaged trust between the two countries.

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