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Budgie Nine F1 reveller appeals for cultural awareness after court let-off
One of the infamous Budgie Nine F1 revellers returned home to Australia today, warning other travellers to be sensitive to other country’s cultural...
Farewell to Ford: Last Australian-built cars roll off the production line
The last Australian-made Ford car rolled off the production line on Friday, ending an era that began in 1925 with the legendary Model T.
Protests force Polish MPs to turn backs on proposal to outlaw abortion
A proposal for a total ban on abortion has been rejected by Polish MPs. The move, which would have added further limits to what is already one of Europe’s...
Budgie Nine get a dressing down… but walk free after apologising for F1 antics
Nine Australians who stripped down to their underwear at the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix have walked free from court after apologising for their behaviour.
Rio boxing controversy: All 36 officials from Olympic Games suspended
All 36 boxing referees and judges involved at the Rio 2016 Olympics have been suspended.
Cruel and constant bombing ‘will destroy ancient Aleppo by Christmas’
Parts of Aleppo will be totally destroyed in just ten weeks, the United Nations’ special envoy to Syria has warned.
Duterte tells critics of crime crackdown to ‘go to hell’ as approval ratings soar
Outspoken president Rodrigo Duterte has told critics of his violent clampdown on drug dealers and addicts to go to hell.
Kylie and fiance postpone their wedding until Australia allows same-sex marriage
Kylie Minogue and her fiance have vowed to put off their wedding until same-sex marriage becomes legal in Australia.
Double arm transplant patient battles pain to chase dream of being a chef
A retired Marine who received a double arm transplant says the pain was so bad he almost called the surgeon to get the operation reversed.
Trio behind the world’s tiniest machines wins Nobel Prize for chemistry
A trio of European scientists has won the 2016 Nobel Prize for chemistry for developing tiny machines that could one day be injected to fight cancer.
YouTube fail: Advertising blunder boy, 12, runs up €100,000 bill with Google
A boy of 12 mistakenly ran up a €100,000 bill with Google thinking he was earning money through an advertising account.
Police investigate mystery of son who stayed indoors for 30 years
Police are investigating the parents of a man who was kept inside his home for three decades.
Prankster faces six years in jail for putting porn on giant electronic billboard
A prankster is facing six years in jail after being arrested for hacking into a giant electronic billboard to broadcast a porn film to commuters.
Outrage as teenage democracy activist is turned away from Thailand
A teenage leader of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement was detained at Bangkok’s main airport by Thai authorities before being sent back.
Police release full video footage of black man being shot dead in Charlotte
Police have released the full footage of the fatal shooting of a black suspect in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Hurricane Matthew roars into Haiti packing winds of 145mph
Many Haitians fled their homes as Category 4 Hurricane Matthew hit the island’s coastline with winds of up to 145mph.
Rain, wind lash out as Hurricane Matthew bears down on Haiti, Jamaica
Heavy rains from the outer bands of Hurricane Matthew drenched Jamaica and Haiti on Monday, flooding streets and sending many people to emergency shelters...
Colombians reject peace deal to end 52-year FARC rebel war
Colombian voters have narrowly rejected a peace deal to end a 52-year conflict between the state and communist FARC rebels, in a shock blow to the country’s...
Fantasy prevails: ‘Miss Peregrine’ bests 'Deepwater Horizon’ at box office
Tim Burton’s latest fantastical oddity, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” bested fellow debut “Deepwater Horizon”...
Colombia voters turn down FARC rebel referendum amid calls for renegotiation
Colombians narrowly rejected a peace deal with Marxist insurgents on Sunday, plunging the nation into uncertainty and handing a major defeat to President...
Trump ‘a genius’ if he did avoid paying taxes say supporters
Donald Trump may or may not have paid federal income taxes for years after losing nearly $916 million.
‘50 people killed’ following stampede at Ethiopian festival
Police in Ethiopia’s Oromiya region fired teargas and warning shots on Sunday to disperse anti-government protesters at a religious festival, triggering...
Britain’s Theresa May to trigger Brexit by end of March 2017
Theresa May has revealed the formal process for Britain to leave the EU will be triggered by the end of March.
Making a point: Vegetarian devotees go through the pain barrier in show of faith
Swords, axe handles, kebab skewers and even a model boat were among the bizarre array of objects pushed through devotees’ cheeks as Thailand’s...
Hamilton’s chances go up in smoke as engine fire halts Malaysian GP charge
Lewis Hamilton’s bid to win a fourth championship is hanging in the balance after a cruel engine failure robbed him of victory in the Malaysian Grand...
Pope pays flying visit to Azerbaijan… to delight of country’s 300 Catholics
Pope Francis has arrived in Azerbaijan as he continues a swing through the Caucasus preaching tolerance and peace.
Hungary expected to reject migrant quotas as voters go to the polls for referendum
Hungarians go to the polls today in a referendum on migrant quotas that puts further pressure on the European Union after the Brexit vote.
Colombians poised to vote ‘Yes’ as peace deal faces final hurdle
Colombians look set to back a peace accord with left-wing rebels in a referendum on Sunday, the final hurdle to a deal ending 52 years of war.
Bombs rain down on Aleppo again after hospital attack branded a war cime
Syrian regime forces advanced in Aleppo on Sunday after Russia unleashed dozens of air strikes in the battleground northern city overnight.
Newspaper breaks with a century of tradition to oppose ‘erratic liar Trump’
America’s only national daily paper has become the latest publicaton to break with tradition by telling readers that Donald Trump is unfit to be...

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