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Fancy a dream job at Apple? Sign here and then we’ll tell you what it is…
Landing a dream job at Apple usually requires a gruelling series of interviews and a lot of luck.
Taylor Swift Hits Back At Kanye West Over ‘Famous’ Song Lyric Rift
Taylor Swift has accused Kim Kardashian of “character assassination” after the reality TV star released a recording of her seemingly approving...
Apple has a dream job for you… sign here and we’ll tell what it is
Landing a dream job at Apple usually requires a gruelling series of interviews and a lot of luck.
First images of 3 officers lured to their death in Baton Rouge ambush
Three police officers shot dead in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are believed to have been lured to their deaths.
SpaceX launches vital space station docking port for NASA
SpaceX successfully launched a critical space station docking port for astronauts Monday, along with a DNA decoder for high-flying genetic research.
Former Australian leader Kevin Rudd wants nomination for UN top job
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is making a late bid for the top United Nations job, after months of cross-crossing the world in low-key lobbying...
US-based Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen blamed for orchestrating Turkey coup
Turkey’s president has accused a US-based Muslim preacher of being behind the attempted military coup against his government.
Family of Muslim killed by mob faces charges over alleged cow slaughter
Relatives of a Muslim murdered by a mob in India over claims he slaughtered a cow have been charged with killing the animal.
It’s not to be sniffed at: Bangladesh lauds success in creating indoor toilets
Answering nature’s call was once a nightmare for Rashida Begum, who had to creep around the jungle for a suitably private spot.
Kate Bush fans red-dy for action as Wuthering Heights celebration goes global
Out on the wiley, windy moors - or at least in city parks around the world - thousands of people have been dancing in billowing red dresses.
Muslim cleric pics model ‘killed by her brother for offending family honour’
A fashion model who stirred controversy by posting pictures of herself with a Muslim cleric on social media has been killed by her brother.
Terror on the promenade: ‘Pray for Nice’ as world of sport pays its respects
The French tricolour flew at half-mast by the 18th green as tributes were paid to the victims of the Bastille Day attack in Nice at The Open golf championship...
The penis snip-off rip-off bringing tears to the eyes of thousands of men
It is not just the thought of a quick foreskin snip that is bringing tears to the eyes of hundreds of men.
China ‘plans to build 20 floating nuclear power stations’ in disputed waters
China says it hopes to build mobile nuclear power plants in the South China Sea, days after an international tribunal dismissed Beijing’s vast claims...
It’s under your S-S-S-SUV: 8ft boa constrictor freed after slithering beneath car
A snake expert has rescued an 8ft boa constrictor from beneath an SUV parked outside a medical centre in Pennsylvania.
Mob hurls eggs at prime minister as missile base protests turn ugly
An angry mob threw eggs and water bottles at the South Korean prime minister on Friday as they protested over a plan to deploy an advanced U.S.
Killer who battered friend in drunken fight executed after 34 years on death row
Georgia has executed a man who beat a friend to death during an argument after a night of partying more than three decades ago.
Being overweight ‘shaves years off your life’ … especially if you are a man
Being overweight or obese increase the chances of dying early, especially in men, the largest study of its kind has shown.
Seaside city enjoys travel boom because Pokemon Go thinks it’s in North Korea
A seaside city is enjoying a surge of visitors who are wandering the streets at all hours as they look at their smartphones.
​Obama to meet police chiefs after series of shootings
US President Barack Obama is to meet police chiefs after a series of shootings that have led to unrest across the US.
Google faces third battle with regulators as they turn sights on ad business
European regulators brought a third anti-trust charge against Google on Thursday, accusing it of blocking rivals in the lucrative online search advertising...
She made a difference to so many lives: Tom Hanks pays tribute to his mum
Tom Hanks has shared a photo of his mother in an emotional tribute following her death aged 84.
33 taken to hospital after mass ‘synthetic cannabis’ overdose on New York street
More than 30 people became ill in an apparent mass drug overdose on a New York City street corner, sparking warnings from police and health chiefs.
Notorious mobster takes deadly secrets to the grave as he dies from cancer
A notorious mafia boss has died in hospital a decade after his capture in Sicily following decades of hiding in the countryside.
Japan rocked as people’s Emperor Akihito ‘plans to abdicate in next few years’
Japan’s Emperor Akihito is planning to retire and relinquish his title in the next few years, it was reported on Wednesday.
Funerals begin for fallen Dallas officers after Obama’s call for reconciliation
Funerals are set to begin on Wednesday for the five officers killed by a sniper during a protest last week in downtown Dallas.
German mother admits killing babies, but says she can’t remember how many
A German woman on trial in one of Germany’s worst infanticide cases has confessed to killing several of her babies, but said she could not remember...
Inquiry into deadly Italy train crash examining antiquated train control
The investigation into the violent head-on train crash in southern Italy that killed at least 25 people is focusing in particular on the antiquated telephone...
I’m not pregnant, just fed up, says an angry Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston says she is “fed up” with the “absurd and disturbing” scrutiny of women as she denied reports suggesting she is...
Hundreds of adults and children ‘disappeared and tortured in Egypt’
Egypt’s national security Agency (NSA) is abducting, torturing and forcibly disappearing people in an effort to intimidate opponents and wipe out...

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