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Cambodia PM shrugs off EU aid threat as opposition supporters jailed
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen shrugged off European parliament threats to review aid if his administration continues to harass political opponents on...
‘Hamilton’ takes 11 Tony Awards as theatreland pays tribute to Orlando victims
The hip-hop musical Hamilton dominated this year’s Tony Awards as Broadway paid tribute to the victims of the deadly mass shooting in Florida which...
Tens of thousands of passengers hit by striking Swedish pilots
Scandinavian airline SAS cancelled a majority of its Swedish and European flights after pilots rejected an improved pay offer and their strike pushed into...
Australian PM pledges A$1 billion to help ailing Great Barrier Reef
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, facing a tight re-election battle, pledged a A$1 billion ($738 million) fund for the Great Barrier Reef, where...
Vaping teens more likely to move on to regular cigarettes, study shows
Older teens who try electronic cigarettes have six times the odds of trying regular cigarettes within two years than those who never puffed on the devices,...
Violence mars England’s 1-1 draw with Russia at Euro 2016
Fights broke out all day before and soon after Russia managed to earn a 1-1 draw against England on Saturday at the European Championship.
19yo Briton rescued after floating for 2hrs in Hudson River on plank of wood
A Briton got more than he bargained for when he tried to get a good vantage point to watch a New York sunrise.
Un-breakable habit: Kim spotted smoking again despite dad’s dire warnings
His father told him “a cigarette is like a gun aiming at your heart”.
Cricketer cleared of rape allegation says New Zealand is ‘not safe for blacks’
Former West Indies cricketer Franklyn Rose says he was racially stereotyped and unjustly imprisoned over a rape allegation in New Zealand.
Air France pilots join train and rubbish collectors as strikes hit Euro 2016
Air France pilots began a four-day strike on Saturday in the latest blow to French prestige as it hosts the Euro 2016 football championships.
Pollution from artificial lights drowns out the Milky Way for a third of people
More than a third of the world’s population can no longer see the Milky Way because of skies polluted by artificial light, scientists claim.
Solar aircraft passes Statue of Liberty as it completes latest leg of global trip
The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft flew by the Statue of Liberty early Saturday, near the end of the US leg of its bid to circle the globe powered only by the...
‘Dozens of casualties’ in attack on suburb housing Syria’s holiest Shi'ite shrine
Dozens of people are feared dead after two explosions on Saturday in a suburb of the Syrian capital containing the country’s holiest Shi'ite Muslim...
It’s all lies: Goalkeeper de Gea denies links to sex party assault claims
Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has dismissed allegations he organised a party at which two women were forced to have sex with two other players.
Thousands line the streets for final farewell to boxing great Muhammad Ali
Thousands of people lined the streets as Muhammad Ali was laid to rest today, the culmination of a two-day farewell for the boxing legend and civil rights...
Mistaken identity?: People smuggling suspect insists they’ve got the wrong man
A suspect accused of being the head of a major migrant trafficking ring has told investigators they have got the wrong man.
How did we miss it?: Vast monument found hiding in plain sight at Petra
A monumental structure has been found “hiding in plain sight” at Petra, the ancient city carved into the cliffs of Jordan.
Five men jailed for life for robbing and raping lost tourist in Indian capital
Five men were sentenced to life in prison on Friday for raping a Danish tourist in the heart of New Delhi’s tourist district in 2014.
Porkers off the menu as chubby diners banned from naked restaurant
Podgy diners will be weighed and shown the door if they are found to be too tubby when Japan’s first naked restaurant opens next month.
Researchers raise climate change hopes by turning carbon dioxide into stone
Scientists have turned carbon dioxide into stone in a matter of months by pumping it deep underground, offering a revolutionary new way of storing the...
Thousands to line streets for final farewell to boxing great Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali will be laid to rest Friday, the culmination of a two-day farewell for the boxing legend and civil rights hero.
Star Wars composer reveals theme tune mix-up as he receives lifetime award
The creator of the iconic music from Superman, Star Wars and Jaws has been honored by the Hollywood elite.
Vice-president jailed for 15 years for trying to blow up president on speedboat
A former vice president of the Maldives has been jailed for 15 years for plotting to assassinate president Abdulla Yameen by blowing up his speed boat.
Sounds extraordinary: Blind man can identify 3,000 birds by their calls
Born blind, Juan Pablo Culasso has never seen a bird. But through his gifted sense of hearing, he can identify more than 3,000 different bird sounds and...
#ohnomoretrouble: Ad agencies turning from Twitter to Instagram
Advertising agencies are now turning to Instagram more frequently than Twitter for social media ad campaigns, a survey has shown.
Strikes and security threats overshadow start of Euro 2016 championships
The Euro 2016 football championships kick off in France on Friday under unprecedented security and with president Francois Hollande vowing to take decisive...
Thousands bid farewell to boxing legend Ali at traditional Muslim service
Thousands of people came together across creeds and nationalities for a Muslim prayer service in remembrance of Muhammad Ali on Thursday, the start of...
Ireland’s abortion ban is cruel, discriminatory and degrading, UN rules
Ireland’s abortion ban is discriminatory, cruel and degrading and should be ended for cases involving unborn babies with deadly abnormalities, United...
Fighter jet crash kills pilot in Russia’s ‘Red Arrows’ aerobatic display team
A pilot of the Russian air force’s elite aerobatic squadron died when the fighter jet he was flying crashed outside Moscow. Sergei Yeryomenko,...
Muslims hope to unite the world with traditional farewell to Muhammad Ali
Muslim prayers over the body of Muhammad Ali will be witnessed worldwide on Thursday, offering a window into a religion many outsiders have come to scorn. The...

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