World News Digest

Stocks sent tumbling amid worldwide wobble over struggling Deutsche Bank
Fresh fears about Deutsche Bank have seen its shares tumble to a 30-year low and dragged stock markets across Europe into the red.
Really sorry I missed school, Miss … but look, I’ve got a note from The Boss
It certainly beats the traditional “He’s got a dentist’s appointment” kind of school absence note.
Van Gogh masterpieces found in Mafia swoop 14 years after art heist
Two Van Gogh masterpieces stolen 14 years ago have been recovered by police in a crackdown on a Mafia clan.
Officer’s ‘Sorry I tased you’ cake fails to win over woman shot with stun gun
It was meant to keep her sweet. But a cake allegedly baked by a police officer as an apology for firing his stun gun could be the vital slice of evidence...
3,800 civilians have been killed in a year of Russian airstrikes, say monitors
About 3,800 civilians have been killed in war-ravaged Syria during a year of unrelenting Russian airstrikes, a monitoring group says.
We thought we would be safe here: Anguish of mother of refugee killed by police
The anguished mother of a man killed by police has told of her despair at leaving violence-wracked Uganda only to have her son shot to death in suburban...
Handshake is a rare sign of unity as world leaders pay tribute to ‘dreamer’ Peres
It was only the briefest of meetings but, amid the eulogies and reflection on the life of Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres, it stood out as a fleeting...
President likens himself to Hitler: I’d be happy to slaughter drug addicts
Outspoken Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte likened himself to Hitler as he said he would be happy to slaughter the country’s millions of drug...
Dozens feared dead or injured as train ploughs into New Jersey station
Dozens of people are feared killed or injured after a train crashed into a station in New Jersey on Thursday.
Kardashian posts topless photo after run in with bottom-kissing prankster
Kim Kardashian did what any normal person would do after being manhandled by a prankster who was trying to kiss your bottom - she posted a topless picture...
Indigenous rugby players lead call for boycott of Australia national anthem
A former rugby league star is urging a boycott of the national anthem to raise awareness of the treatment of indigenous Australians.
North Korean soldier crosses border minefields to defect to the South
A North Korean soldier has defected to the South by walking through the heavily mined military border zone.
Plummeting property values puts Trump in a slump as $800m wiped off net worth
Oh, dear! Donald Trump is down to his last $3.7bn, according to a new assessment of his wealth.
India accused of ‘naked aggression’ after commando raid into Pakistan territory
Indian commandos carried out a series of lightning strikes along the de facto border with Pakistan in Kashmir, on Thursday provoking furious charges of...
Workman bitten on the penis by venomous spider… for the second time in months
A workman was nursing more than his wounded pride after being bitten by a spider for the second time on exactly the same embarrassing spot.
Why Amy Schumer is the most dangerous celebrity you’ll encounter online
Amy Schumer is the most dangerous celebrity on the internet — and not just because of her no-holds-barred personality.
Grounded by a drone: Delays as Dubai airport forced to close for 30 minutes
Dubai International Airport halted flights for almost 30 minutes after a drone was spotted flying in the area on Wednesday.
Hundreds of tourists missing after volcano erupts on Indonesian island
Hundreds of foreign tourists are unaccounted for after a volcano erupted on the Indonesian holiday island of Lombok.
I will not be silent: Serena Williams speaks out about fears of police violence
Serena Williams has become the latest high-profile sports star to add her voice to concerns over police shootings and racial injustice in the U.S.
Race is on to find penguin ‘condemned to death’ by student kidnappers
A frantic search is under way for a rare penguin which was kidnapped from a marine park and released into the sea.
Jihadist jailed for nine years for attacking ancient shrines with pick-axes
A jihadist has been jailed for nine years for destroying ancient monuments with pick-axes and bulldozers.
Wells Fargo boss gives up $41m as investigation launched into bonus fraud
The boss of Wells Fargo is to give up $41 million from his pay package because of an accounts fraud that has shaken the company.
Rebels say push for peace in Syria is ‘futile’ as Russian-backed bombing intensifies
Rebels have declared the push for peace “futile” after Syrian and Russian warplanes bombarded Aleppo in the worst surge of violence in the...
Tens of thousands march against plans to legalise gay marriage in Mexico
Tens of thousands of people have marched through Mexico City in protest at president Enrique Pena Nieto’s push to legalise same-sex marriage.
Writer shot dead in front of court before trial over ‘offensive’ cartoon
A prominent activist was shot dead on the steps of a court on Sunday as he was about to go on trial for sharing a cartoon said to be offensive to Islam.
Voting begins in ‘illegal’ holiday referendum which threatens peace in Bosnia
Voting is under way in a divisive referendum over whether Bosnian Serbs should keep a much-disputed national holiday.
Two police officers injured as ‘gas leak’ causes blast in shop in Budapest
Two police officers have been taken to hospital after being seriously injured in an explosion at a shop in Budapest.
World’s largest radio telescope begins hunt for extraterrestrial life
The world’s largest radio telescope began searching for signals from stars and galaxies in a hunt for extraterrestrial life on Sunday.
#saleisimminent: Twitter shares soar as take-over talk reaches fever pitch
Twitter shares surged by as much as a fifth on Friday amid speculation that the ailing social media company was about to be bought.
Iceland (the country) mulls suing Iceland (the supermarket) over name
Frozen food retailer Iceland has defended its name after it emerged the Icelandic government was considering legal action to protect its identity.

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