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Watch out Walt, here comes Wanda: $3bn Disney-style resort opens in China
China’s largest private property developer, the Wanda Group, opened an entertainment complex to take the might of Mickey Mouse and his gang on Saturday.
Three in a row: SpaceX lands another booster in push for reusable rockets
SpaceX has pulled off another rocket landing, the third in just under two months.
Pilot’s body recovered after vintage plane crashes in New York’s Hudson River
A World War II vintage plane has crashed into the Hudson River off Manhattan, killing the pilot.
Mafia don shot dead in his car as city’s mobster old guard swept aside
A high-ranking member of the mafia has been gunned down near his home - the latest killing linked to a power struggle in Canada’s criminal underworld.
Violence flares as rival demonstrators clash outside Trump rallies
Bad-tempered clashes between thousands of rival demonstrators have marred the latest rallies held by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.
Australia pulls Great Barrier Reef damage warnings ‘to protect tourism’
Warnings about the effects of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef have been scratched from a major report in case it hits tourism.
Doping scandal taints London Olympics as 23 athletes test positive
More than 20 athletes from five sports tested positive for banned drugs in re-checks of samples from the 2012 London Olympics, the International Olympic...
The medicine cabinet is empty: G7 leaders urged to act on superbugs
The world’s most powerful leaders were told on Friday to do more to fight killer superbugs as the U.S.
TV news producer sacked as review condemns botched child snatching
A TV producer has been sacked over his involvement in a botched child-snatching operation in Lebanon. Stephen Rice has left Channel Nine’s 60...
Hollande pledges to push on with new labour laws but strikes threat grows
French president Francois Hollande has pledged to press on with unpopular labour reforms despite nationwide strikes bringing the country to its knees and...
China tries to turn disputed islands into Maldives-style holiday hotspots
China aims to turn some of the islands in the disputed South China Sea into Maldives-style resorts catering for weddings.
We’ve got the best manager in the game: United confirm Mourinho appointment
Manchester United have confirmed José Mourinho as their new manager saying he is “simply the best manager in the game today”.
Memory should never fade says Obama on historic first visit to Hiroshima
Barack Obama has arrived at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park on a historic visit to the city where the first atomic bomb was dropped in 1945.
Hundreds evacuated from passenger plane as engine fire breaks out on runway
Hundreds of passengers were rescued from a blazing aircraft when an engine burst into flames as it was about to take off from a Tokyo airport on Friday.
Obama heads for nuclear bomb city of Hiroshima in historic first for a president
Barack Obama is poised to become the first sitting US president to visit Hiroshima since it was destroyed by an atomic bomb in 1945.
Search area narrows as beacon signal detected from crashed EgyptAir jet
Search teams in the Mediterranean have picked up a beacon believed to be from the EgyptAir plane which crashed, the chief investigator has said.
Hundreds evacuated from plane as engne fire breaks out on runway
Hundreds of passengers were rescued from a blazing aircraft when an engine burst into flames as it was about to take off from a Tokyo airport on Friday.
Rapper charged as concert hall shooting leaves one dead and three wounded
A minor rap star has been charged with attempted murder following a shooting at a packed hip-hop concert where one person died and three others were injured.
Mourinho reportedly agrees to become new Man United manager
Jose Mourinho has agreed to become the new manager of Manchester United, according to British media reports on Thursday. Mourinho has been in negotiations...
Trump ‘has world leaders rattled’ as he wins enough support for nomination
Barack Obama says foreign leaders are rattled by Donald Trump and have good reason to feel that way.
Dozens feared dead as second migrant boat capsizes in Mediterranean
Dozens of migrants are feared drowned after a second overcrowded boat capsized in the Mediterranean in two days on Thursday.
Jennifer Aniston’s estranged mother dies ‘weeks after first meeting in five years’
Jennifer Aniston’s estranged mother Nancy Dow has died at the age of 79 weeks after they were reconciled.
Back in jail: Saved By The Bell star Dustin Diamond accused of violating parole
Saved By The Bell star Dustin Diamond is back in jail, accused of violating the terms of his parole.
Obama: World leaders are rattled by ‘ignorant, cavalier headline-chaser Trump’
Barack Obama says foreign leaders are rattled by Donald Trump and have good reason to feel that way.
Oil price tops $50 for first time in 2016 as Canada fires fuel recovery
The barrel price of Brent Crude oil, which is seen as the global benchmark of oil industry performance, has reached $50 for the first time in 2016 as supply...
UK special forces ‘blow up IS suicide truck’ in Libya
British special forces have been praised for saving lives after reportedly blowing up an Islamic State (IS) “suicide truck” in Libya earlier...
Italy saves more than 500 asylum-seekers after ship flips due to overcrowding
A large ship overturned Wednesday off Libya’s coast with more than 500 migrants aboard, right as the Italian navy was approaching for rescue.
Websites to be banned from putting blocks on cross-border shopping
Online retailers are to be banned from stopping a customer in one country buying from a website based in another under plans for a single European digital...
Sweden refuses to withdraw arrest warrant for Assange over rape allegation
Sweden is refusing to give up its pursuit of fugitive Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
Flo blow: Dozens of cars trapped as chasm opens along Florence riverbank
Dozens of parked cars dropped into a 200m long sinkhole which opened up along Florence’s picturesque Arno River on Wednesday.

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