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Lightning kills more than 70 people, mostly farmworkers, in east India
Lightning has killed more than 70 people, mostly farm labourers working in fields, across the eastern India state of Bihar.
North Korea missile test reaches new heights as threat to Japan intensifies
North Korea launched what appeared to be a second intermediate-range Musudan missile on Wednesday that flew about 400km (250 miles), in what appeared to...
Two L.A.-area wildfires threaten to merge after forcing evacuations
Two rapidly growing wildfires burning a few miles apart through drought-parched foothills north-east of Los Angeles prompted the evacuation of nearly 800...
Amazon jaguar shot dead after Olympic torch ceremony
A jaguar has been shot dead in Brazil, shortly after appearing in a torch relay ceremony to promote the upcoming Olympics.
Case closed: time catches up with ‘Mississippi Burning’ case after 52 Years
Federal prosecutors have closed the investigation into the killings of three civil rights workers who disappeared more than 50 years ago in Mississippi.
Running mate: Hillary Clinton’s VP search moves into more intense phase
Hillary Clinton’s search for a running mate is moving into a more intense phase, according to several Democrats.
Brussels shopping centre in lockdown after man held with ‘fake suicide vest’
A man wearing a “fake” suicide vest has been arrested during an anti-terror operation at a shopping centre in Brussels.
Car that crushed Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin was under recall notice
The car that crushed Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin to death had been under recall over fears it could roll without warning.
Rebel-backed charcoal traffickers destroy swathes of forest in Congo
Swathes of forest land in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga National Park are being destroyed for valuable charcoal by criminals backing...
Australia demands extra Rio security after Paralympian robbed at gunpoint
The Australian Olympic Committee have demanded Rio de Janeiro immediately ramps up security in the city after a Paralympic sailor and team official were...
China city holds dog-meat eating festival despite protests
A city in southern China has gone ahead with an annual dog-meat eating festival despite heavy criticism and protests from animal rights activists.
Brussels shopping centre in lockdown amid reports of man armed with bomb
A man feared to be carrying explosives has been arrested near a shopping centre during an anti-terror operation in central Brussels.
Six dead, 100 injured as teacher union clashes with police in Mexico
Unknown gunmen opened fire as police and teachers clashed in southern Mexico during a protest that left six people dead and more than 100 injured, authorities...
Bodies pile up as Filipino police show new boss they’re tough on drugs
Philippine police killed 11 suspected drug dealers during operations at the weekend, police said on Monday, adding to a surge of drugs-related killings...
Summit seeks answers to persecution of Africa’s albino people
A “Miss and Mister Albino” contest, heavy sentences for ritual murder and concrete graves to ward off tomb raiders were all discussed at a...
UN says a record 65 million people were displaced in 2015
The U.N. refugee agency says persecution and conflict in places like Syria and Afghanistan raised the total number of refugees and internally displaced...
Photos of possible personal items from doomed MH370 posted online
Photos have been released of items possibly belonging to those on the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
14 dead, mostly children, as boats overturn in Russian storm
At least 13 children and their adult instructor have died in a storm while boating on a lake in Russia.
Fourteen dead, mostly children, as boats overturn in Russian storm
At least 13 children and their adult instructor have died in a storm while boating on a lake in Russia.
Software unveiled to tackle online extremism, violence
A software tool unveiled Friday aims to help online firms quickly find and eliminate extremist content used to spread and incite violence and attacks. The...
Singer on Mexican ‘The Voice’ dies in Chicago after shooting
A Chicago singer who appeared on the Mexican version of “The Voice” in 2011 has died after he was shot in an ambush while celebrating his birthday...
‘Humanitarian disaster looms’ as 30,000 flee the clutches of IS in Fallujah
At least 30,000 people have fled from intense fighting in the Iraqi city of Fallujah in the past three days, prompting warnings of an impending humanitarian...
College football star faces 15 years for ‘serving up drunk student to rapists’
A former college football player has been found guilty of encouraging his teammates to rape an unconscious woman he had been dating.
At least 11 children dead as boats overturn in storm on trip to lake
At least 11 children and their adult instructor have died in a storm while boating on a lake in Russia.
Rising star of protest movement set to become Rome’s first female mayor
Voters in Rome headed to the polls Sunday with all signs indicating that they will elect the Italian capital’s first female mayor.
In Israeli desert, world’s highest solar tower looks to future
In the middle of southern Israel’s desert, engineers are hard at work building the world’s tallest solar tower, reflecting the country’s...
Police search home of man accused of receiving 14yo Amish girl as gift
Authorities have been searching the home of a Pennsylvania man accused of sexually assaulting a teenager whose parents police say gave her to him when...
Singer on The Voice dies after ambush shooting – second show fatality in week
A singer who appeared on the Mexican version of The Voice has died after he was shot in an ambush.
Australian opposition leader puts health at heart of election campaign
Opposition leader Bill Shorten used his centre-left Labor Party’s official campaign launch on Sunday to cast July 2 general elections as a referendum...
Up to 50,000 demonstrate against U.S. ‘continued occupation’ of Okinawa
Thousands of people gathered on the Japanese island of Okinawa on Sunday in one of the biggest demonstrations in two decades against U.S.

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